Hi, my name is Brad Touesnard. I’m the founder of SpinupWP, a modern cloud server control panel designed to manage WordPress sites and serve them lightning fast.

We are a small team of talented developers, designers, and marketers. There’s our dev team of Ashley, George, James, and Daniel; our designer Lewis; and our marketers Caillie and Sam. I’m the product manager, CEO, and whatever other hats need wearing. I’m very proud to say that our company has been managing to delight thousands of customers, working from our homes since 2012.

We have big plans for the next 12 months and this is a great opportunity to join a small team of talented folks building awesome products.

The Job

I’m looking for a full-time Technical Support Lead who will take pride in supporting our customers via email (we don’t offer phone or chat). They’ll start by answering questions that they can find the answers to from use of our app and reading our documentation but eventually digging into problems by carefully poking around customer servers and sites. This individual will also help build a team of technical support agents and upgrade our support service from ???? to ????.

For the past two years, an outsourced support team has been supporting our customers, but the quality of service has been an issue. We recently decided to go back to having our team of developers handle all support again. Needless to say, they will rejoice at your arrival!


  • Support customers. Customers email us with problems they’re having and you reply to help them.
  • Process. You will put processes in place to ensure the constant improvement of the support team, our email responses, and our documentation.
  • Coaching. You will review the responses of our support team, correct any issues, push them to dig deeper into issues before responding, improve the quality of first responses, and develop a support team who are experts of our platform.
  • Document. You will ensure that the support team is constantly updating and improving our internal documentation as well as our public facing documentation in an effort to help customers help themselves before even emailing us.
  • Analyze. You will review reports, analyze how well our team is doing, and help them understand what we need to do better and why.
  • Report to the team. You will ensure that the support team is properly collecting customer feedback and will compile and share this feedback with the rest of the team to inform our roadmap.


  • 2+ years supporting a technical product
  • 1+ years in a leadership role
  • Strong creative thinking and problem solving skills
  • Compassionate
  • Extremely organized
  • Project management skills
  • Curious and a hungry to learn on your own without being pushed
  • Ability to learn how to use software quickly on your own
  • Love working remotely

Bonus Points

  • Experience providing support to technical people (e.g. software developers)
  • Experience in web hosting
  • System administration skills
  • Open source contributions
  • Computer Science degree or equivalent

About You

You feel a profound sense of accomplishment after helping a customer resolve an issue that was frustrating them. You have a strong compulsion to help when people need it. Technical support isn’t just a job, it’s important to you that people get the best possible answer, not just a reply.

When you encounter something you’re not sure about, you stop, research, ask questions, and make sure, rather than giving it a best guess. The idea of sending incorrect information to a customer is mortifying and completely unacceptable to you.

You have years of experience supporting technical products and enjoy explaining technical concepts as simply as possible. You’ve led a team and appreciate the challenge of raising the level of the team through coaching, process, and documentation.

You’re curious and love to learn. You embrace the opportunity to level up, learn something new and really dig into it. You’re a disciplined worker and have no trouble getting work done at home on any given day.

You value consistency above preference and will adopt new styles, standards, and tools to that end.

Although you enjoy working with people to help you generate ideas and formulate a plan of attack on a project, you do your best work in isolation without interruption. You’re proactive in tackling things that need to be done without direction.

You’re exceptional at communicating in writing via direct message, email, etc. You’re ok on the phone and video chat too. You understand that clear, concise written communication is how remote teams thrive. People being confused by a message you’ve posted is extremely rare.

You own both successes and failures. When a project you’re leading turns into a disaster, you own it and you learn from it. You never point the finger at others.

You invite criticism and genuinely want to grow as a professional. You’re onboard with pushing each other to be better and are not afraid to give constructive criticism in addition to receiving it.

The Offer

  • Remote First. We have always been a remote company, since the very start in 2012. Working from home has its challenges, but you’ll be surrounded by compassionate folks who have been successfully working from home for many years.
  • Company Retreats. As a remote company, it’s super important to get some face time. We just had our first company retreat in a few years in San Diego, around WordCamp US 2022 and had a blast. Will you be joining us in 2023?
  • Location Independent. Work from wherever you’re happiest. All members of our team currently work from their homes in Canada, the UK, the US, and Mexico.
  • Choose Your Schedule. Most companies claim to have flexible hours, but the reality is often very different. We flex our hours for real ????. As long as on average you’re working the number of hours you’ve committed to working each week, we’re good.
  • Personal Development. If there’s a conference or event that will help you level up, the company will cover your expenses. You’re also allotted some time each month to learn something new unrelated to your job, participate in community discussions, and/or contribute to an open source project.
  • Company Holidays. Things get pretty quiet in late December / early January, so we always treat ourselves to a couple of weeks off to reboot during this time.
  • Paid Leave. For the birth or adoption of a child, the company offers 8 weeks of 100% paid leave for primary caregivers and 3 weeks for secondary caregivers. We also offer 5 paid sick days and 3 days of paid bereavement leave.
  • Health Insurance. Members of the team based in Canada are eligible for health/dental/life/disability insurance through the company’s Chambers of Commerce plan while those outside of Canada are eligible for a stipend to partially cover insurance costs.
  • Competitive Salaries. The company typically pays salaries that are competitive with the market in which you reside. There are situations that call for higher pay even when living in a region with a lower cost of living, so we’re flexible on this.


I wrote this job posting like an informal message to you. Please reply to it in an email (no attachment letters please), introduce yourself, and let me know why you’re applying. Describe how you meet the Requirements, if you score any Bonus Points, if you’re the person I describe, and what’s on your resume that I ought not miss. Send your reply to work@spinupwp.com.

We are an equal opportunity employer. Application information that is prone to unconscious biases is hidden during the review process whenever possible. We judge the content of the applications on their own without knowledge of the applicant’s race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, or age. We support workplace diversity, but not at the expense of equal opportunity and meritocracy. We’re looking for talented and empathetic people no matter their other attributes.

I look forward to reviewing your application.


Brad Touesnard
Founder & CEO
Delicious Brains Inc.