WordPress Plugin Upgrade

We’ve created a new regular WordPress plugin for SpinupWP to replace the must-use plugin that we required previously. This allows us to host the plugin in the WordPress.org plugin repository so it will be much easier for you to install and keep up-to-date. And for those using Composer, the plugin will automatically be available from wpackagist.

Running this upgrade will add environment variables to the site’s PHP pool config that the new plugin requires. Once the upgrade has completed we recommend that you install the new SpinupWP plugin and remove the old SpinupWP plugin.

Installing the new SpinupWP plugin

This plugin can be easily installed by searching “SpinupWP” inside the WordPress dashboard or, if you’re using Composer, by running:

composer require wpackagist-plugin/spinupwp

Removing the old SpinupWP plugin

The old SpinupWP plugin can be removed by connecting to your server via SSH or SFTP with a site user and deleting the following files and folders:

  • /wp-content/mu-plugins/custom-debug-log-path.php
  • /wp-content/mu-plugins/spinupwp.php
  • /wp-content/mu-plugins/spinupwp/