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Founded in 2017, SpinupWP is a team of super talented and experienced developers with the audacious goal of transforming WordPress web hosting. By building a next generation server control panel that puts developers and sysadmins in full control of their servers and guides them in maintaining them, SpinupWP bridges the gap between DIY and managed WordPress hosting.

SpinupWP was a Delicious Brains product until Delicious Brains was sold to WP Engine in June 2022. Brad Touesnard, founder of SpinupWP, has continued on with SpinupWP as an independent company.

Brad's Avatar

Brad Touesnard

As founder of SpinupWP, Brad wears many hats. Although he has a background in development and system administration, he spends most of his time helping the SpinupWP team with product management, UX, roadmap, and marketing.

George's Avatar

George Fehr

George is a Laravel and Vue.js developer from the small town of Aylmer, Ontario. With a background in custom software development, he sees problems everywhere that could be solved with software.

James's Avatar

James Clark

James is a Full Stack developer living in Ottawa. He's been working with PHP and JavaScript for over 20 years, with a recent focus on Laravel and Vue. His experience is backed by a masters in Computer Information Systems. James spends a lot of time reading and thinking about clean code, and hopes to one day write some.

Lewis's Avatar

Lewis Warren

Lewis is a Product Designer from London that loves coffee and dislikes bitmaps. From websites to mobile games, Lewis has years of agency experience working on all kinds of products.

Caillie's Avatar

Caillie West

Caillie is a Marketing Manager based out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She comes from a background in broadcasting, photography and WordPress development.

Andre's Avatar

Andre Kruger

Andre is a Technical Support Engineer from Cape Town, South Africa. He is passionate about everything web related, from Web Development, Networking, Systems Management to the Cloud. He holds various certifications in different IT areas. He loves problem solving and sharing the solutions.

Jaime's Avatar

Jaime Ayala

Jaime is a Technical Support Engineer from Panama City, Panama. He comes from a system administration background and loves troubleshooting things, his biggest passion is tech.

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