Similar Apps Fall Short For WordPress

You may be wondering about how similar apps like ServerPilot, Cloudways, Laravel Forge, and RunCloud compare.

These services all have a lot in common with SpinupWP, but although they say that they cater to WordPress, these apps do almost nothing to make sure your server is set up properly to host WordPress.

Denny Cave Web Developer

I've used several alternatives - Cloudways, WP Engine, Serverpilot, RunCloud, Flywheel - and nothing matches the simplicity and speed with which I can configure and launch a new server.

ServerPilot Laravel Forge Cloudways RunCloud SpinupWP
WordPress plugin developers on staff and handling support
Full page caching configured for WordPress
Redis object caching configured for WordPress
Security measures configured for WordPress
Cron job installed and configured for each site added
wp-debug.log turned on and relocated to a folder not publicly accessible
Install WordPress multisite
Server software security updates installed automatically
Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates with automatic renewals
In-app WordPress best practice guidance
Git push-to-deploy
Standard Linux packages installed
Root access permissions to the server
Connect your own cloud server (DigitalOcean, Linode, etc) account
Scheduled backups of site files & database
Connect your own cloud storage (Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, etc) account
Team accounts and roles

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