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We spin-up extremely fast servers for WordPress.

SpinupWP was founded in 2017 with the goal of building a next generation server control panel that puts developers and sysadmins in full control of their servers and guides them in maintaining them. SpinupWP bridges the gap between DIY and managed WordPress hosting.

SpinupWP was a Delicious Brains product until Delicious Brains was sold to WP Engine in June 2022. Brad Touesnard, founder of SpinupWP, has continued on with SpinupWP as an independent company.

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What It’s Like

SpinupWP is a company you can grow with and be challenged in a comfortable, supportive environment. Several of our team members have been with us for over four years and the rest are settling in for the long term.

Our leadership previously led Delicious Brains Inc, the company behind popular WordPress plugins WP Migrate, WP Offload Media and Advanced Custom Fields. They’ve contributed to WordPress core and have been active members of the WordPress community since 2012. We know WordPress.

Every day, I work with a bunch of friendly, super-smart people who push each other to be better. That privilege has grown me as a person and a developer.

Meet The Team


We want you to get a good idea of what working with us looks like, so we’ve listed some of the things we love about working at SpinupWP.

Remote First

We have always been a remote company, since the very start. Working from home has its challenges, but you’ll be surrounded by compassionate folks who have been successfully working from home for many years.

Location Independent

Work from wherever you’re happiest. All members of our team currently work from their homes in Canada, the UK, the US, Mexico, and India.

Side Projects Encouraged (but not expected)

Some companies discourage or disallow commercial side projects. Not us! In fact, we encourage this so long as it doesn’t interfere with SpinupWP.

Choose Your Schedule

Most companies claim to have flexible hours, but the reality is often very different. We flex our hours for real 💪. As long as on average you’re working the number of hours you’ve committed to working each week, we’re good.

Company Retreats

As a remote company, it’s super important to get some face time. We work to bridge that gap with regular video meetings, but nothing compares to that in-person quality time. In 2022, we met up in San Diego as a sponsor for WordCamp US, and are excited to travel to future WordCamps together now that the world is reopening.

Personal Growth

If there’s a conference or event that will help you level up, the company will cover your expenses. You’re also allotted some time each month to learn something new unrelated to your job, participate in community discussions, and/or contribute to an open source project.

Contribute to Open Source

At SpinupWP, contributing to open source is encouraged. As a team we maintain some open source packages of our own and sometimes contribute to other projects as well.

Profit Sharing

Once you’ve been with the team for a year or more, you’ll be eligible for profit sharing. Brad, SpinupWP CEO & Founder, presents a Profit & Loss report on a quarterly basis, so everyone knows how the company is doing. And when the company does well, the team does well.

Company Holidays

Things get pretty quiet in late December / early January, so we always treat ourselves to a couple of weeks off to reboot during this time.

Paid Leave

For the birth or adoption of a child, the company offers 8 weeks of 100% paid leave for primary caregivers and 3 weeks for secondary caregivers. We also offer 5 paid sick days and 3 days of paid bereavement leave.

Health Insurance

Members of the team based in Canada are eligible for health/dental/life/disability insurance through the company’s Chambers of Commerce plan while those outside of Canada are eligible for a stipend to partially cover insurance costs.

Competitive Salaries

We pay salaries that are competitive with the market in which you reside.There are situations that call for higher pay even when living in a region with a lower cost of living, so we're flexible on this.


We usually try to get together in person once a year. Sometimes we’ll base the retreat around an event such as a WordCamp while other times, we’ll just choose a location and focus on one another. Get a feel for what to expect and see where we’ve been:

Year In Review Reports

At the beginning of every year, Brad looks back on the previous year and goes over what went well, what could have gone better, and what he’s looking forward to in the year to come

Current Openings

Freelance Developer Writer

Last Updated: June 6, 2023

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We are an equal opportunity employer. Application information that is prone to unconscious biases is hidden during the review process whenever possible. We judge the content of the applications on their own without knowing the applicant’s race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, or age. We support workplace diversity, but not at the expense of equal opportunity and meritocracy. We’re looking for talented and empathetic people, no matter their other attributes.

We Are a Global Team

American flag British flag Canadian flag South African flag Panama flag

Working Together

We like to encourage one another to improve in all aspects of our lives.

Our team supports and encourages each other to level up their skills, whether it’s taking the time to teach a new hire how to use a specific tool they’ve never used or sharing knowledge on new best practices and technologies.

Giving Back

Giving back is a big part of our company culture. We know we wouldn't be where we are today as professionals or as a company without WordPress and open source software.

And so we are compelled to give back in time and money. We also donate annually to various charities, such as the Canadian Red Cross and Feed Nova Scotia.

Curious to see who you'll be working with?

Meet The Team

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