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What Is SpinupWP?

Short Version

SpinupWP is a modern server control panel that’s here to help developers implement best practices for every server they spin up. Designed for WordPress.

Longer Version

SpinupWP is a cloud app that makes it so much easier to host WordPress sites yourself. Technically, developers can use it to host any PHP site but SpinupWP is focused on making the WordPress experience the best.

As one of their Twitter fans put it, SpinupWP “bridges the gap between scary self-hosting and expensive managed hosting.”

Think of it like a control panel for servers, but modern & with a ton of helpful guidance along the way, much of it specific to hosting WordPress sites.

Setting up and managing a server yourself can mean a lot of manual work for a developer. Since we first opened up for beta in November of 2018, we’ve helped users spin up over 104,000 sites, perform over 5.7 million site backups, and perform over 9.42 million tasks.

SpinupWP in Numbers









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Our Story

Founded in 2017, SpinupWP is a team of super talented and experienced developers with the audacious goal of transforming WordPress web hosting. By building a next generation server control panel that puts developers and sysadmins in full control of their servers and guides them in maintaining them, SpinupWP bridges the gap between DIY and managed WordPress hosting.

People SpinupWP

DigitalOcean + @spinupwp is great for managing and creating client sites.

Finally finished migrating my old WordPress sites. Ended up using @spinupwp with Hetzner. 🎉 SpinupWP is pretty neat. It's like managed hosting, except you get full SSH access to Ubuntu, which I need for any random ideas I get.

I just migrated a big WordPress site to @spinupwp (with DigitalOcean on the backend) and holy hell I think I'm in love. The only problem is now I have to migrate all my sites. 🤣

I just spun up my first server with SpinupWP and I totally love it! 🤣

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Dojo Digital


Being Able to update plugins here now is AWESOME. I just want you guys to know that SpinupWP is the best thing we've done in a long time. You continue to exceed my expectations.

Unsolicited 5-star review: I've moved all of my WordPress sites to @digitalocean / @spinupwp and I couldn't be more impressed. A small learning curve to think differently after 20 years of managed hosting, but the experience and guidance has been great. #WordPress #webhosting

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Colin OBrien


Just wanted to say thanks a million for the clone feature. This saved me hours today, and I can see it saving me hours in the future. Kudos!!

SpinupWP is very impressive and has the potential to blow the doors off managed hosting players on a bang for buck basis - way bigger bang (faster and more sites) for way less money.

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The SpinupWP dashboard

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The Server dashboard

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Site Dashboard

The Site Dashboard

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