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With SpinupWP, Hosting WordPress Yourself Doesn’t Have to Be So Scary

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What is SpinupWP?

Short version

SpinupWP is a modern server control panel that’s here to help developers implement best practices for every server they spin up. Designed for WordPress.

Longer version

SpinupWP is a cloud app that makes it so much easier to host WordPress sites yourself. Technically, developers can use it to host any PHP site but SpinupWP is focused on making the WordPress experience the best.

As one of their Twitter fans put it, SpinupWP “bridges the gap between scary self-hosting and expensive managed hosting.”

Think of it like a control panel for servers, but modern & with a ton of helpful guidance along the way, much of it specific to hosting WordPress sites.

Setting up and managing a server yourself can mean a lot of manual work for a developer. Now out of beta, SpinupWP has handled a total of 1.7 million tasks for its users since it first opened up for beta in November 2018. That’s at least 34.3 million keystrokes saved!

Our Story

SpinupWP is brought to you by Delicious Brains Inc.

We’re a small company of expert WordPress developers, the brains behind the popular WP Migrate DB Pro and WP Offload Media plugins, WordPress core contributors, and have been active members of the WordPress community since 2012. We know WordPress.

We started working on SpinupWP after noticing how popular our Host WordPress Yourself series was. The entire series, republished here, has seen over 250,852 unique pageviews since it was first published in March 2015.

We put a lot into SpinupWP: two developers working full-time for 15 months, 300 pull requests, 2,700 commits, 400 hours of design, 300 beta users for 6 months — all before we launched out of beta in May 2019.

Since we first opened up for beta in November of 2018, we’ve helped users spin up over 15,540 sites, perform over 142,360 site backups, and perform over 1.7 million tasks.

Developers Love SpinupWP

Jonathan Martínez Professional Problem Solver

I in love ♥️ with @spinupwp

Ratko Solaja Senior WP Developer

SpinupWP is amazing 🙂 Far better solution than any Managed WP Hosting that I’ve tried.

Mark Wilkinson WordPress Agency Owner at Highrise Digital

Super impressed so far. Allowed me, a server novice to get site up and running on @digitalocean servers running #WordPress & backing up to AWS S3. Congrats on what will no doubt become a great product.

Ryan Sullivan Founder WP Site Care

I took @spinupwp for a SPIN 😎 and I'm trying to figure out how to pay them more.

Ben Meredith

I moved 4 sites over to @spinupwp recently, and as a faithful user of one of their competitors, allow me to confirm this from @polevaultweb. This service bridges the gap between scary self-hosting and expensive managed hosting.

Benedikt Deicke Co-founder of

It looks beautiful and I was able to figure out everything on the first try. I'm very impressed 👍

Bryce Adams Creator of Metorik

I've been playing around with SpinupWP for over 6 months now and have been consistently blown away. An incredible tool that will make your WP life 100x better! 🚀


I work with several hosting options from full managed hosting to roll your own and using SpinupWP has been a real treat to use, filling that gap!

Jack McConnell Web Designer & Front-end Developer

Moved the @_bnfw site to @spinupwp yesterday. Much faster and much more accessible (for me as a dev). Really smooth sign-up process, great help, clean interface. Really pleased.

Jonathan Christopher Founder of SearchWP

SpinupWP onboarding is 😍. Man this is so polished. It's kickass.

Jonathan Wold WordPress Evangelist

I love WordPress. Thanks to @spinupwp, @richard_tabor's Grille theme, and @ConvertKit I was able to get an MVP for Plugin Curator up and running within an hour.

Jordon Rupp Independent Web Developer

I'm loving what the @dliciousbrains team has done with @spinupwp - spinning up #WordPress on a @digitalocean droplet has never been easier or more fun!

Michael Nicolle Solutions Architect

Spinning up the first site was so easy and straight forward. Definitely the best tool I've come across to date

Simon Blackbourn WordPress Developer

I've been using it since beta launch, it is very, very good. Customer service has been top notch, as has listening to and acting on feedback and feature requests (in particular the new 'isolated sites' feature).

Since we first opened up for beta in November of 2018, we’ve helped users spin up over 15,540 sites, perform over 142,360 site backups, and perform over 1.7 million tasks.

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Product Shots

Registering with SpinupWP:

Registering with SpinupWP

Logging into SpinupWP:

Logging into SpinupWP

Spinning up a new server with SpinupWP:

Spinning up a new server with SpinupWP

Creating a new site with SpinupWP:

Creating a new site with SpinupWP

Adding sudo users to a server with SpinupWP
Adding sudo users to a server with SpinupWP

Product Videos

Product News

Read the latest product news about SpinupWP. For more detailed technical updates, see our changelog.

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