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Combine Akamai with SpinupWP, a modern cloud server control panel designed to help you manage WordPress sites and serve them lightning fast.

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Jump down to our short tutorial on how to set up an Akamai/Linode server with SpinupWP and run WordPress lightning fast.

Akamai/Linode is a Great Choice for SpinupWP

We’re huge fans of Akamai/Linode here at SpinupWP. Their shared CPU plans offer a comfortable balance of performance and cost and are well suited for deploying a web server tuned for hosting WordPress websites. You can connect servers hosted at any provider to SpinupWP, but with Akamai being fully integrated, it’s much less complex to provision them. Why do we love Akamai?

Managed Service

Unlike most other providers, Akamai/Linode offers a managed service at an additional cost per server. Their incident response team actively tracks uptime and the responsiveness of your infrastructure. If there’s downtime, their experienced support team takes immediate action to get your systems back online. This is a robust option for mission critical servers where SpinupWP’s 16x5 email support isn’t going to cut it.


Akamai has a powerful API allowing developers to automate their applications. Their docs are excellent as well, and provide access to all the functions that a developer or programmer may require for optimization. SpinupWP also has an API with fine-grain capabilities such as restarting Nginx or MySQL, deploying new WordPress sites, and purging a site’s page cache. Plus, you’ll feel right at home with our thorough docs and in-app guidance.

Predictable Pricing

A lot of cloud server providers have complex pricing, but not Akamai's Cloud Computing service. They offer simple, flat pricing across all regions, so no billing surprises. And it’s very competitive pricing too. SpinupWP also has straightforward pricing, so you’ll have confidence in estimating costs when using Akamai servers with SpinupWP.


Akamai helps users simplify their cloud infrastructure with tools to develop, deploy, and scale applications. We trust Akamai to keep our customers online and not cause a hassle. SpinupWP builds upon Akamai’s reliable network with a control panel you can trust.

Trustworthy & Secure

Akamai’s global network and data centers are well fortified with advanced DDoS protection, tailored specifically for developers hosting WordPress sites. Plus, SpinupWP configures servers to automatically install security updates and generates a free SSL certificate that you can toggle on and off. With these security features, your server and sites will be locked down.

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerting

Akamai includes real-time monitoring and alerting right out-of-the-box. Their integrated data from CloudTest gives users the ability to drill into their data and filter for just the information they want. Couple this with SpinupWP’s site monitoring and alerting and you have a robust monitoring and alerting system without having to sign up for a third-party service.

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Why You Need SpinupWP with Akamai/Linode

Other cloud server control panels allow you to reboot the server, add sites, and other things you expect. SpinupWP offers typical control panel features but is also different in some key areas…

A Focus on WordPress

When you add a new site to your server via SpinupWP, it will configure a free SSL certificate, cron jobs, caching rules, WP-CLI, and everything needed to run WordPress lightning fast. Our team has over a decade of experience in WordPress development, so we know WordPress better than most.

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Developer Experience

SpinupWP is designed for developers by developers. Deploy code with `git push` and in a couple of clicks switch the PHP version of a site or inspect the error logs. Or use the SpinupWP CLI to manage your server without a mouse and use the REST API and PHP SDK to automate repetitive tasks.

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Built-in Coaching and Education

Our customers love the comprehensive docs here on our site as well as the helpful hints in the sidebar of each screen of the app. SpinupWP will also create a prioritized list of things you need to do with your servers and sites to keep them performant and secure.

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Easily Manage Servers & Sites

Akamai is an integrated server provider in SpinupWP which means you can connect SpinupWP to your Akamai/Linode account and spin up new servers without ever having to leave the SpinupWP dashboard. Plus, we fully support Akamai Object Storage as a backup storage provider for storing site backups.

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Full Root Access & No Lock-In

It’s your server, SpinupWP is just here to help. You can disconnect your server from SpinupWP any time. We don’t lock you in. We use standard installs of server software, no weird custom-built packages that you can’t update. You have complete control.

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A Modern Cloud-Based App

This isn’t your dad’s server control panel. SpinupWP connects to your server via SSH and runs commands for you. No installing it on your web server like the control panel dinosaurs that are still kicking around, *cough* cPanel *cough* Plesk.

Here's What Our Users Say 👇

It's so incredibly easy and fast when you want to migrate a #WordPress site to a new server with @spinupwp⚡️ Honestly, it takes about 2 minutes and only 3-4 mouse clicks, including DNS updates. ⏱️

I've tried all the other server control panels and nothing beats SpinupWP. When you're hosting sites for clients, you need to have a server panel that is reliable and fast. It's a bonus that it's super simple to use too!

@spinupwp is on a roll with new features and supported updates!

Have Fun Spinning Up Servers & Sites

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Staging Sites in Just a Few Clicks

Need to deploy a staging site quickly? No problem! With SpinupWP you can create a complete copy of an existing site, which includes all files, the database, and server configuration. Ready to upgrade your site to a newer version of PHP but want to ensure your site is compatible? That’s where site cloning comes in...

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Laser Focused On WordPress

There are other cloud server control panels out there, but none focus on WordPress like SpinupWP.

WordPress Multisite

Multisite Support Out of the Box

SpinupWP is designed for WordPress and this includes support for multisite. Enabling a multisite network is as straightforward as toggling a switch during the new site creation wizard and selecting either a subdomain or subdirectory configuration. No fiddling with your `wp-config.php` file, installing the network, and worrying if the Nginx server is configured correctly.

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Configuring a multisite setup in SpinupWP

Theme & Plugin Updates

A Unified Dashboard for All Your WordPress Sites

SpinupWP keeps tabs on updates required by each of your WordPress sites. A glance at the SpinupWP dashboard and you can quickly see which of your sites need some attention. Run WordPress core, plugin, and theme updates without even leaving the SpinupWP dashboard.

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Themes and plugin update indicators on the SpinupWP dashboard


Cache All the Things

Caching is one of the keys to a high-performing WordPress site. All sites are set up with Redis object caching to greatly reduce database requests and with the check of a box, you can also enable full-page caching to skip PHP processing entirely and serve pages lightning fast, just like a static site. Full-page caching rules for WordPress core and popular plugins like WooCommerce are preconfigured.

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Configuring page cache settings in SpinupWP


Scheduled Posts, Published on Schedule

For every site you add via SpinupWP, a server-side cron job will be configured to make sure that your WordPress site’s cron is executed every minute, as it should be. Not only will scheduled posts get published when they should, but other background tasks will work, like WooCommerce subscriptions and webhooks.

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A server-side cron job

People SpinupWP

Review a few of the recent ratings and you’ll be convinced that you’ve been missing out on SpinupWP.

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Robust Caching for Lightning Fast WordPress Sites

Caching is one of the keys to a high-performing WordPress site. SpinupWP offers a robust caching solution at three levels.

Browser Caching

Reduce Asset Requests

SpinupWP configures Nginx to return far-future cache duration headers for static assets like CSS, JavaScript, fonts, images, etc., preventing them from being re-downloaded in subsequent requests. Static assets are also compressed (gzip) to reduce their file size. All of this significantly reduces the amount of data transferred and makes navigating between the pages of your site feel instant.

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Page Caching

Eliminate PHP Processing

Most pages on a WordPress site don’t change between requests. For these pages, we can save the entire page as a static HTML file and serve it for subsequent requests, eliminating all PHP and database processing. With the flip of a switch, you can turn on full page caching in SpinupWP, define custom caching rules, clear the cache, and more. No third-party plugins required, though WP Rocket is fully compatible.

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Load Time




Object Caching

Cut Back on Database Queries

WordPress can be slow and database queries are by far the most common cause. With every page request, WordPress will query the database several times, often dozens of times. SpinupWP sets up an object cache on every server which saves queried data for subsequent requests. This results in a massive reduction in round trips to the database, dramatically speeding up your WordPress site.

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Database Queries




* Tested on a clean install of WordPress 6 using Twenty Twenty-Two theme.

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Designed for Developers by Developers

The SpinupWP team has a background in WordPress and Laravel development and system administration with a strong appreciation for great design. We’re building the cloud server control panel that we’ve always wanted.


Deploy Code on Your Server via Git Push

Developers! Developers! Developers! Add a git repository to your SpinupWP site, define the branch to deploy from, and simply push to that branch to deploy your code. GitHub, Bitbucket, or a custom git repo will work. Composer is available on all SpinupWP sites by default, and it’s 100% compatible with Composer-based WordPress boilerplate projects like Bedrock. You can even configure a build script to run additional tasks on the server after a deployment is complete.

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Deploying via Git in SpinupWP

Easy Switching

Multiple Versions of PHP on a Server

SpinupWP configures PHP for each site separately, allowing you to run different versions of PHP with different settings on a server simultaneously. For example, you might run PHP 8 for new sites, but maybe you have an older site that still needs an update to work on PHP 8. No problem. Just choose PHP 7.4 from the select box when creating the site in SpinupWP. Once you update the site to run on PHP 8, you can simply edit the site in SpinupWP and select PHP 8 from the select box.

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PHP settings in SpinupWP



With our REST API and PHP SDK you can spin up servers and create and manage sites remotely without logging into the SpinupWP dashboard. This allows you to script repeatable tasks and automate your processes. If you host client sites, you can even build a custom dashboard for yourself and/or your clients.

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Always Up-to-Date

Latest & Greatest Software

SpinupWP will install the latest stable versions of Nginx, PHP, MySQL, and Redis from popular public apt repos. No “who-knows-what-they-did” custom builds of packages. Disconnect from SpinupWP in the future and you can still keep your packages up-to-date with `apt upgrade`.

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Log Viewer

Convenient Access to Logs

WordPress doesn’t enable error logging by default. Probably because the log is saved to a publicly accessible directory and can quickly balloon to take up a lot of hard drive space. SpinupWP enables error logs by default but stores them in a safe place and makes sure they’re rotated regularly like other server logs. Should you ever need to inspect these logs, the Site Log viewer allows you to see the last 1,000 lines from any of the server log files, as well as use the refresh feature to see new log entries in real-time.

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Viewing log files in SpinupWP


Happiest on the CLI? Stay on the CLI

If you love WP-CLI (we do! ❤️) you’ll be very pleased to find it available on the command line the first time you log in to your server. We also have a CLI package that you can install on your own machine, allowing you to list your servers, SSH into a server, and do lots more.

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Configuring page cache settings in SpinupWP

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Help at Your Fingertips

We take great pride in producing high quality documentation when and where you need it. We also offer 16x5 email support and a vibrant community forum where customers help each other when documentation isn’t enough.

Helpful hints and documentation in SpinupWP

Answers When and Where You Need Them

On the right side of just about every screen in SpinupWP you’ll find Helpful Hints in-context documentation that often answer the exact questions you have at that moment.

Shockingly Good Documentation

Underneath Helpful Hints in SpinupWP, you’ll often find Related Documentation, links to our high quality docs that live here on the site and are adored by our customers.

Without question, @spinupwp! Everything you just described, packaged beautifully, with loads of contextual documentation! It is unbelievably, impossibly well made and equally unbelievably low priced. An absolute testament to the quality of the @spinupwp team!

Liking @spinupwp more and more. And they have excellent documentation!

16x5 Email Support

Our talented technical support team currently works 16 hours per day Monday through Friday. 40% of support emails receive a reply in under 2 hours and another 40% in under 12 hours. You’ll almost always get a response on the same day.

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Help Scout email from a SpinupWP customer

A Vibrant Community Forum

After signing up as a subscriber, you will receive an invite to the SpinupWP Community, where customers can interact, bounce ideas off one another, and discuss improvements they’d like to see in SpinupWP. Our customers love discussing their server setups!

circle community platform
A message from a SpinupWP community member
Testimonial avatar

Josey Howarth

Director of Love Sudo

I've managed my own servers and setups and also worked with hosting companies. SpinupWP is literally the perfect solution that allows me the control I want, without the extra overhead. My sites are fast, the support is second to none, and their response to security notices helps me sleep well at night.

Akamai/Linode vs DigitalOcean vs Vultr vs AWS:
Which is Best for Hosting WordPress?

In this article we dive deep into each of these providers, comparing ease of use, cost, and benchmarking performance running a WordPress site.

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Security Security Security

SpinupWP’s two most important security principles are to only ever expose access to services when necessary and to keep the software of exposed services up-to-date.

Rock Solid Server Firewall

Each server is configured to disallow all connections except HTTP, HTTPS, and SSH by default. Failed SSH attempts are monitored and blocked when they reach a certain threshold. Logging into SSH via the root user is disabled.

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Automatic Server Software Updates

Keeping software up-to-date is critical to maintaining a secure server. SpinupWP configures your server to install security updates as soon as they are available, reducing the likelihood of a software vulnerability putting your server at risk.

Learn more

Airtight Isolation of Sites on a Server

Each site that you add to a server gets its own system user, which only has access to its own files. If a site on the server is compromised with malware, for example, only the files for that site can be infected.

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Keeping WordPress Up-to-date

WordPress has a reputation of being insecure because people don’t update it. A vulnerability in an outdated theme, plugin, or WordPress itself is easily exploited. Keeping WordPress up-to-date is paramount. SpinupWP helps by setting up file permissions that support WordPress auto updates, showing which sites require updates in the SpinupWP dashboard, and allowing remote updating in just a few clicks.

Learn more

Hardened Nginx Configuration

It’s your server, SpinupWP is just here to help. You can disconnect your server from SpinupWP any time. We don’t lock you in. We use standard installs of server software, no weird custom-built packages that you can’t update. You have complete control.

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Free SSL Certificates or Provide Your Own

Provide your own SSL certificate or allow SpinupWP to acquire a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for you, configure it for your site, and handle renewals. You hardly need to think about SSL certificates with SpinupWP.

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Your WordPress Site Backups in Your Cloud Storage Bucket

Choose from five cloud storage providers, then define your bucket, region, and retention period, and you’re all set.

Backup on a Schedule

Schedule daily backups of just the site’s database, just the site files, or a full site backup of both the database and files. You choose the time of day.

Learn more
Backup scheduling in SpinupWP

Backup On-Demand

Need to do something a little risky with your site? Probably a good idea to run backup first. We have a button for that. It’s just one click.

Learn more
Backup on demand in SpinupWP

Download a Backup

Need to refresh a local dev environment? Instantly download a backup of your site files or your database by clicking the download icon.

Learn more
Downloading backups in SpinupWP

Restore a Backup

Browse your backups in SpinupWP to find the one you’d like to restore. Easily restore a backup in just a few clicks.

Learn more
Restoring backups in SpinupWP

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Move a Site to Another Server with Ease

Let’s say a site on one of your servers has grown. It’s using a lot of CPU and memory, and is slowing down the other sites on the server. You need to move that site to its own server.

Usually this is a time consuming, manual process, but with SpinupWP it’s just a few clicks to spin up a new server and move your site using our site move tool and guide while maintaining all your configuration and near-zero downtime. It’s also very handy when you need to upgrade your server to the latest version of Ubuntu.

Learn More About Moving Sites

The Server Coach You’ve Always Wanted

Managing a server can be intimidating. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a coach to tell you what things you should be paying attention to with your servers and sites? What if you had a coach pointing out the right suggestions at just the right times? SpinupWP does exactly that.

Viewing todo lists in SpinupWP


The Todos screen provides a detailed list of things that need to be done with your servers and sites. Each todo explains “why” this should be taken care of in addition to “what.”

Learn more
Disk Space Low Free Up Disk Space


When managing servers and sites, some things should be taken care of right away, while other things can wait. We prioritize and sort your todos, and as time passes, unattended todos move up the list and eventually generate a notification.

Learn more
Critical High Medium Low


For many todos, a few clicks will have them resolved, but for others we offer comprehensive step-by-step instructions on how to resolve the issue with some commands on the CLI.

Learn more

abe@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt upgrade

Perfect for Developer Teams and Agencies

Whether you’re a team of developers looking for a better solution for dev and staging sites or you’re an agency looking to offer production hosting to your clients, SpinupWP offers the flexibility you’re looking for.

Client SFTP & SSH Access to a Single Site

Set a password and easily grant your client SFTP and SSH access to a single site. And because of the security isolation between sites, your client will only have access to files for that site and no other sites on the server.

Learn more

Limit Server Access by Team Member

With a Team Account, you can invite members of your team to your SpinupWP team account. You can give them full access to everything or limit their capabilities and even select which servers they have access to.

Learn more

Automate All The Things

Use the SpinupWP CLI to create bash scripts to automate the creation and removal of servers and sites. Or maybe use our REST API to go beyond what’s possible with bash scripts.

Learn more

Build Your Own Client Portal

Leverage our REST API and PHP SDK to build your own branded portal for clients to log into to manage their sites.

Learn more

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@linode with @spinupwp is the best stack. Tested tons of others and all had issues in one way or another…

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How to Install WordPress on Akamai/Linode with SpinupWP

See below for an overview or follow our step-by-step tutorial.


Connect to and Authorize Akamai/Linode

Before you start this process, you’ll need to sign up for an Akamai/Linode account if you don’t already have one. Select Akamai from the list of available providers, and SpinupWP prompts you to authorize with your Akamai account. If you have more than one team in your Akamai account, you’ll need to choose which team the servers you provision via SpinupWP should be created under.

Create a new Akamai/Linode server

Choose Your Server Size & Region

After authorization is complete, next you need to choose the region of the server that you’d like to spin up, whether you’d like a shared or dedicated CPU and the size of the server. SpinupWP’s selection interface will help you quickly understand Akamai’s offerings and find the region, CPU options, and size best suited for your needs.

Select server configuration

Connect SpinupWP to Your New Akamai/Linode Server

Enter a unique hostname for the server, so you can distinguish servers from each other. You’ll also be able to configure the server timezone. The selected time zone will determine when server cron jobs run as well as the date format of some log files. You’ll have the opportunity to enter an optional post-provision script on this screen. This is a one-time script which will be run on the server once the provision process has completed. This is handy if you have any additional packages you know you’ll want to install on the server. Lastly, choose to install MySQL on the server for a new database, or connect an external database server.

Enter server settings

Your New Akamai Server is Configured to Serve a WordPress Installation Lightning Fast

Sit back while SpinupWP does the nitty gritty of installing Nginx, PHP-FPM, MySQL database and any other software required for hosting WordPress as fast and as reliably as possible.

SpinupWP configuring an Akamai/Linode server for WordPress

Your Server Is Ready!

Ten minutes later, your fresh new Akamai optimized for WordPress server will be ready for you.

People SpinupWP

I'm really enjoying using @spinupwp using @linode for the actual server infrastructure :) Super easy to work with. It was super easy to build a GitHub Action to deploy from GitHub :)

I've tried all the other server control panels and nothing beats SpinupWP. When you're hosting sites for clients, you need to have a server panel that is reliable and fast. It's a bonus that it's super simple to use too!

Shout out to @spinupwp for actually understanding how devs deploy sites. The ability to validate SSL before pointing your domain is a KILLER feature.

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