Ultra Fast WordPress Servers at a Consistent Low Price


$39 / mo

3 Servers

$7 / mo per additional server

Unlimited Sites

$200 in DigitalOcean Credits

Applicable to new DigitalOcean customers

Unlimited Team Members

Limit team members to specific servers and permissions

Site Monitoring

10 monitors included per server,

$1 / mo per additional monitor


$12 / mo

1 Server

$5 / mo per additional server

Unlimited Sites

$200 in DigitalOcean Credits

Applicable to new DigitalOcean customers

"I've saved more than $10,000 over the past 5 years hosting my own and my clients' sites with SpinupWP"

Ben M

Email Support When You Need It

While SpinupWP is designed to enable you to handle server and site management on your own, you might have questions. Our talented technical support team is here to help you with your servers and sites during our support hours:

6am - 6pm Eastern Time Monday to Friday.

Typical response time:

2 hours

When received during support hours.

Standard Email Support

Typical response time:

12 hours

When received during support hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a credit card required for the 7-day free trial?

No credit card required. Simply enter your name and email to start spinning up a server.

Will I still be able to access my servers and sites once my free trial has expired?

You’ll have to select a plan in order to gain access to your SpinupWP dashboard once your trial has expired. After selecting a plan, you’ll see everything is still set up just as you had it for your trial. No need to go through the setup process again. If you decide not to purchase a SpinupWP subscription, you’ll have to access your servers via SSH or via your VPS provider.

What about other web apps? Can I install those?

Web apps, other than WordPress, can be installed on SpinupWP servers as long as it works with our LEMP stack (Nginx, PHP, MySQL, Redis, etc). This includes popular frameworks like Laravel and Symfony and CMSs like Drupal (with an Nginx config), Craft CMS, Statamic, etc. Any PHP/MySQL web app should work as well as static sites. When creating a new site in SpinupWP, on the "Installation" step, select the Don't Install Any Files option (or Clone a Git Repository if your custom site is stored in Git) to create a site that can then be set up manually.

Why shouldn't I just go with a managed WordPress host? Then I will not have to worry about servers.

The promise of a managed WordPress host is so dang attractive. Pay considerably more for hosting and you get blazing fast WordPress sites and never have to think about hosting. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the experience people have. The truth is managed WordPress hosts like all web hosts are constantly working on scaling complicated infrastructure and tinkering with it. That’s usually why things go sideways and your sites go down. With SpinupWP your sites run on one uncomplicated server that you control. In our experience, having our own server that no one else is tinkering with but us has lead to a massive reduction in site downtime and hosting-related problems. But hey, give a managed WordPress host a try and hopefully you’ll be one of the lucky ones.

Isn't worrying about servers an extra headache I don't need?

I know right. If only WordPress sites didn’t need servers to run. But today they do, so instead of ignoring servers and trusting someone else to handle them for you, why not learn more about servers and understand them better. Put your blog on SpinupWP and see how that goes for six months or so. Then maybe move another low-risk site over. And then another. With time, your confidence will increase and you’ll wonder why you were worried in the first place.

Do I have to choose a plan before the trial?

No, your free trial will include all features from the Personal plan by default. If you’d like to explore the Team features, you can upgrade your free trial to a Team account via the billing settings. You’ll have the option to select a subscription at any point during your trial or after it has expired.

Are the free trial features limited?

No way! You’ll have access to all features from the Personal plan during your trial. We want you to get the full experience of SpinupWP so you can decide if it’s a good fit.

But surely a single server can’t handle much traffic, can it?

Actually one server can handle a ton of traffic with full page caching enabled. According to our benchmarks a tiny 2 GB DigitalOcean server can serve 291 requests per second with an average response time of just 341 milliseconds. Benchmarks are great and all, but what about the real world? Well, back when we were writing hip fresh blog posts, we had one hit the front page of Hacker News. Our 8 GB Akamai/Linode server never broke a sweat. In fact, there was no noticeable decrease in performance. So as long as your site is like 99% of other sites out there, full page caching can be enabled and the server will handle a lot of traffic. If your site has dynamic parts (e.g. ecommerce) you can still enable full page caching for the parts that aren’t dynamic.

Should I really be hosting a client’s WordPress site myself? I’m not even comfortable on the command line.

Probably not to begin with. That would be a big leap and what you need is a first step, a baby step. Spin up your first server with SpinupWP and try hosting your blog or some other low-risk site for six months or even a year. Get yourself comfortable with hosting WordPress yourself and with time your confidence level will increase. Your only regret will be that you let fear prevent you from trying it earlier.

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