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DigitalOcean + @spinupwp is great for managing and creating client sites.

Finally finished migrating my old WordPress sites. Ended up using @spinupwp with Hetzner. 🎉 SpinupWP is pretty neat. It's like managed hosting, except you get full SSH access to Ubuntu, which I need for any random ideas I get.

@spinupwp is on a roll with new features and supported updates!

Chris Haas of Vendi Advertising
SpinupWP aligns with how we think a server should be built. It is exactly what we would have done if we had done it by hand and spent several hours curating everything.

Chris Haas, Director of Development at Vendi Advertising

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Why Developers and Agency Owners Love SpinupWP

SpinupWP is different than most cloud server control panels in some key ways that customers really appreciate.

A Focus on WordPress

When you add a new site to your server via SpinupWP, it will configure a free SSL certificate, cron jobs, caching rules, WP-CLI, and everything needed to run WordPress lightning fast. Our team has over a decade of experience in WordPress development, so we know WordPress better than most.

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Developer Experience

SpinupWP is designed for developers by developers. Deploy code with `git push` and in a couple of clicks switch the PHP version of a site or inspect the error logs. Or use the SpinupWP CLI to manage your server without a mouse and use the REST API and PHP SDK to automate repetitive tasks.

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Built-in Coaching and Education

Our customers love the comprehensive docs here on our site as well as the helpful hints in the sidebar of each screen of the app. SpinupWP will also create a prioritized list of things you need to do with your servers and sites to keep them performant and secure.

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Bring Your Own Server

Take full advantage of the power and convenience of cloud servers and spin up a VPS at your favorite provider. Or perhaps you have a machine on-premises that you’d like to use? Whether your server is at AWS, DigitalOcean, or in your bedroom closet, if SpinupWP can SSH into it, it will work.

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Full Root Access & No Lock-In

It’s your server, SpinupWP is just here to help. You can disconnect your server from SpinupWP any time. We don’t lock you in. We use standard installs of server software, no weird custom-built packages that you can’t update. You have complete control.

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A Modern Cloud-Based App

This isn’t your dad’s server control panel. SpinupWP connects to your server via SSH and runs commands for you. No installing it on your web server like the control panel dinosaurs that are still kicking around, *cough* cPanel *cough* Plesk.

Jonathan Hatch, Executive Director at Saint Paul Media
The best WordPress management platform for self-hosting solutions. Setting up new servers is incredibly easy. Attaching remote databases is super easy. Backing up, migrating, cloning, and pushing WordPress instances around is easy. The documentation is great. The customer support is super responsive and the community is quite helpful.

Jonathan Hatch, Executive Director at Saint Paul Media

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Reviews of SpinupWP on Capterra

SpinupWP has been a game changer for me.

SpinupWP has simplified, streamlined, and revolutionized how I manage my "servers" and sites. I can't recommend it enough. I mention SpinupWP whenever anyone around me talks about WordPress hosting. SpinupWP makes it extremely easy to add, maintain, and update sites. It's beautifully designed, simple to use, quick, and bug-free.

Corey M, Owner

Peace of mind for my company. Cannot recommend enough.

This is one of those tools that lets me forget about things and focus on my clients. SpinupWP shows up when I need it, does what I need it to do, and in such an inexpensive way! This is exceptionally cost effective. Mix in the constant new features and updates, and the quality of the team in responding to issues is incredible.

Josey H, Director

SpinupWP saves us time and improves consistency of builds.

A++++ would recommend. This product makes managing your web servers effortless and efficient. SpinupWP allows us to provide a consistent, high quality, server platform for our sites. It standardizes our process with industry best practices.

Damen C, CEO

Makes server management a breeze.

I absolutely love it, and the incremental improvements have been very welcome. I hope they always keep it simple and straightforward - it's already so close to being perfect (for me) that I don't need a bunch of feature bloat or constantly redesigned UIs ;)

Mary-Ann Z, Designer

Perfect for the user who prefers to DIY host, but with guardrails.

I've saved more than $10,000 over the past 5 years hosting my own and my clients' sites with SpinupWP. The cost is a fraction of hosting websites elsewhere with comparable performance benchmarks.

Ben M

Top tier WP hosting software.

Really positive experience from every angle. This makes WP management as simple as using the Settings app on your phone. Honestly the cleanest interface I’ve seen and best support I’ve ever had from a WP hosting software.

Zachary L, CEO

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Here's What Customers Say About SpinupWP 👇

DigitalOcean + @spinupwp is great for managing and creating client sites.

Finally finished migrating my old WordPress sites. Ended up using @spinupwp with Hetzner. 🎉 SpinupWP is pretty neat. It's like managed hosting, except you get full SSH access to Ubuntu, which I need for any random ideas I get.

I just migrated a big WordPress site to @spinupwp (with DigitalOcean on the backend) and holy hell I think I'm in love. The only problem is now I have to migrate all my sites. 🤣

I just spun up my first server with SpinupWP and I totally love it! 🤣

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Dojo Digital


Being Able to update plugins here now is AWESOME. I just want you guys to know that SpinupWP is the best thing we've done in a long time. You continue to exceed my expectations.

Unsolicited 5-star review: I've moved all of my WordPress sites to @digitalocean / @spinupwp and I couldn't be more impressed. A small learning curve to think differently after 20 years of managed hosting, but the experience and guidance has been great. #WordPress #webhosting

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Colin OBrien


Just wanted to say thanks a million for the clone feature. This saved me hours today, and I can see it saving me hours in the future. Kudos!!

SpinupWP is very impressive and has the potential to blow the doors off managed hosting players on a bang for buck basis - way bigger bang (faster and more sites) for way less money.

Ben Maden, Director at Matter Solutions
SpinupWP has made it possible for non-tech team members to handle complex server management tasks, freeing up my time for more critical work. This has drastically improved our workflow and saved us (well actually, me) heaps of time.

Ben Maden, Director at Matter Solutions

Read the complete case study including why SpinupWP was the right tool for Matter Solutions.

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