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We’re huge fans of DigitalOcean here at SpinupWP.

In fact, we run all our infrastructure on DigitalOcean.

SpinupWP is a Modern Cloud-Based Server Control Panel

No software installation necessary. Just give SpinupWP access and you can manage your server remotely.
It’s like a remote control for your server, designed for WordPress.

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Why DigitalOcean?

Beautifully Simple

Probably the biggest difference between DigitalOcean and other cloud server providers is the design and user experience of the DigitalOcean dashboard. It’s an absolute pleasure to use.

Developer Friendly

DigitalOcean’s docs are legendary. We’ve also used their API extensively and it’s definitely one of the best we’ve ever programmed against.

Predictable Pricing

Most cloud server providers have complex pricing, but not DigitalOcean. They offer simple, flat pricing across all regions, so no billing surprises. And it’s very competitive pricing too.


It is remarkable how little downtime we’ve experienced over the years running our servers on DigitalOcean. We trust DigitalOcean to keep us online and not cause us a bunch of hassle.

Built-in Monitoring and Alerting

Since we don’t yet have monitoring or alerting built-into SpinupWP, it’s really nice that DigitalOcean provides this out-of-the-box. No need to set up and pay for a third-party service.

Get a $100 DigitalOcean Credit

New to DigitalOcean? Sign up with our special link and receive $100 in credits.

DigitalOcean vs AWS vs Google Cloud.

Which is best for hosting WordPress?

In this article we dive deep on each of these providers, comparing ease of use, cost,
and benchmarking performance running a WordPress site.

Compare Providers

Jordon Rupp Independent Web Developer

I'm loving what the @dliciousbrains team has done with @spinupwp - spinning up #WordPress on a @digitalocean droplet has never been easier or more fun!

How it Works

1Generate a DigitalOcean access token

Log in to your DigitalOcean account and generate a new Personal Access Token that SpinupWP can use to create new Droplets.

2Add Your DigitalOcean Account to SpinupWP

Plug in the Personal Access Token you just generated to add your DigitalOcean account to SpinupWP.

3Choose Your Droplet Size & Region

Next you choose the size of Droplet you’d like to spin up, its region, and whether you’d like to enable DigitalOcean backups or not. After that, it’s just a matter of providing a hostname, timezone, and the database server (MySQL or MariaDB) you’d prefer.

4Watch as Your New DigitalOcean Server is Configured to Serve WordPress Lightning Fast

Sit back while SpinupWP does the nitty gritty of installing all the software and tuning it to run your WordPress site as fast and as reliably as possible.

5Your Server Is Ready!

Ten minutes later, your fresh new DigitalOcean Droplet optimized for WordPress server will be ready for you.

6SpinupWP Configures Everything for You

When you add a new site to your SpinupWP server, we configure a free SSL certificate, cron jobs, caching rules, and everything else that a high-performing WordPress site requires.

Add dev sites, staging sites, production sites, whatever you like.

7Add SSH Users

Need root access? No problem, add as many SSH users as you like with full root access via sudo. You have the keys to your castle. Need to give a client SSH or SFTP access to their site? Each site is set up with its own SSH user that only has access to that one site.

8Your Server is Configured for Speed

Your new server is loaded with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and the latest packages of Nginx, PHP, MySQL/MariaDB, and Redis. Standard installs, no weird custom-built packages or strange paths. Everything should be where you expect it to be, configured how you’d expect for performance.

9Disconnect Your Server at Any Time

And you can walk away anytime. Though sticking around means not having to keep up with security updates or worry about changes in best practices, you can disconnect your server from SpinupWP any time and have a go at managing it yourself. We don’t lock you in.

10Tweak Configuration Files Using SSH

Want to manually tweak some configuration files on the server via SSH? Go ahead. Even if it’s a configuration file that SpinupWP edits, it can handle it.

11Your Server is Safe and Secure

Worried about keeping your server secure? Don’t be. Your server is configured with a firewall and security updates are installed automatically as they are released. We also notify you when there’s a major update available for a software package you have installed (e.g. Nginx) and provide you instructions on how to upgrade.

The Best of Both Worlds

Managed Hosting Self Hosting SpinupWP
Speedy but Affordable
Stress Level

Start Your 7-Day Free Trial

Start your SpinupWP journey today and spin up your first server within minutes.

Clifton Griffin Founder and Dev Lead at Objectiv

Shout out to SpinupWP for actually understanding how devs deploy sites. The ability to validate SSL before pointing your domain is a KILLER feature.

Freelancers & Agencies:
Start Generating Monthly Recurring Income

Bundling hosting into a monthly maintenance plan for clients is a great way for freelancers and agencies to earn recurring monthly income and reduce the “feast or famine” cycles in their business.

You could achieve this by signing up with a managed WordPress host, but the cost would be so great that you would only make peanuts. Hardly worth doing. A server managed by SpinupWP would be far more cost effective and allow you to make significant profit.

Our customers 🤩 SpinupWP

SpinupWP was designed by WordPress developers, for WordPress developers.

We've spent years wrangling WordPress hosting options, so we know the pitfalls involved.

We knew SpinupWP was a great idea, but the feedback from our customers since we launched has been amazing.

Corey Maass Web Developer

Unsolicited 5-star review: I've moved all of my WordPress sites to @digitalocean / @spinupwp and I couldn't be more impressed. A small learning curve to think differently after 20 years of managed hosting, but the experience and guidance has been great. #WordPress #webhosting

Josey Howarth Director of Love Sudo

I've managed my own servers and setups and also worked with hosting companies. SpinupWP is literally the perfect solution that allows me the control I want, without the extra overhead. My sites are fast, the support is second to none, and their response to security notices helps me sleep well at night.

Samuel Pedraza PM at Iterate Marketing

I just wanted to say thank you for continually improving SpinupWP. It's my favorite WP related product, I recommend it to everyone, and think it's great! I especially love the new redesign.

Michael Maberry Director of Operations

So far I am 100% in love with SpinupWP! Fully ready to go in minutes and 1000's of keystrokes saved!

Iakovos Frountas WordPress Developer

SpinupWP deserves a 5-star rating. They provide an ASTONISHING service to host any WordPress site. I have been using this service for 6 months and I really like the overall performance of this software!

Cristian Antohe Cofounder of Translate Press

Combined with Cloudflare wildcard subdomains it works like treat. Can even have a template that we can keep on cloning when a new instance is needed.

Colin OBrien Developer at Pocket Outdoor Media

Just wanted to say thanks a million for the clone feature. This saved me hours today, and I can see it saving me hours in the future. Kudos!!

Johnathan Lyman Developer & Writer

So @dliciousbrains has done it again with @spinupwp. It's literally the best way to start new @WordPress sites

Jonathan Martínez Web Developer

I'm really excited about @spinupwp because it feels like it is the state of the art for WordPress development.

Jonathan Wold WordPress Evangelist

I love WordPress. Thanks to @spinupwp, @richard_tabor's Grille theme, and @ConvertKit I was able to get an MVP for Plugin Curator up and running within an hour.

Ben Meredith

I moved 4 sites over to @spinupwp recently, and as a faithful user of one of their competitors, allow me to confirm this from @polevaultweb. This service bridges the gap between scary self-hosting and expensive managed hosting.

Bryce Adams Creator of Metorik

I've been playing around with SpinupWP for over 6 months now and have been consistently blown away. An incredible tool that will make your WP life 100x better! 🚀

Mark Rowatt Anderson Business, Strategy & Technology

SpinupWP has been great - a huge improvement for us over Cloudways, which was in turn a huge improvement over Siteground!

Jack McConnell Web Designer & Front-end Developer

Moved the @_bnfw site to @spinupwp yesterday. Much faster and much more accessible (for me as a dev). Really smooth sign-up process, great help, clean interface. Really pleased.

Jordon Rupp Independent Web Developer

I'm loving what the @dliciousbrains team has done with @spinupwp - spinning up #WordPress on a @digitalocean droplet has never been easier or more fun!

Michael Nicolle Solutions Architect

Spinning up the first site was so easy and straight forward. Definitely the best tool I've come across to date

Simon Blackbourn WordPress Developer

I've been using it since beta launch, it is very, very good. Customer service has been top notch, as has listening to and acting on feedback and feature requests (in particular the new 'isolated sites' feature).

Nathan Conley

Amazingly easy. Everything that I want for working with a WordPress site. Your documentation is top notch. I can't wait to show this off to the rest of our team and to the local WP meetup.

John Coleman

SpinupWP has been the answer to several wishes I've had for years.

Andy Feliciotti

It's been INCREDIBLE the speed and setup is fantastic.

Max Azarcon Web Designer

I've been using SpinupWP pretty much since it was announced, and it's an absolutely amazing piece of software. Managing WordPress servers/sites has never been more user intuitive!

Luke Netti

Just used SpinupWP for my new WordPress site and it couldn’t have been easier!

Darren Pinder

I've spent the day migrating sites onto the @spinupwp platform (hosting via @digitalocean). I have to say I'm blown away by how easy and feature-filled the platform is. It was a pleasure to use and I'm looking forward to migrating the rest of our sites over! #wordpress #devops

Morgan Estes Lead Developer at BigWing Agency

Did my first server maintenance with SpinupWP and I'm floored. Such a great experience all around: email notification, dashboard UX, and update speed.

Jackie D’Elia UX Designer

Taking @spinupwp for a ‘spin' today deploying a site to Digital Ocean. Nice job on the interface. Easy to understand and you've done all the work for me. No haggling with configurations in @digitalocean - I like it. 😍 Good #UX.

Enrico Mingiacchi Web Designer

SpinupWP is AWESOME!!!! I LOVE IT!!! Works like a charm and I'm looking forward to new development.

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