Akamai/Linode Storage Provider

This guide aims to help you set up an Akamai/Linode Bucket for storing site backups.

Start by signing in to Akamai/Linode.

Create Bucket

Click Create in the header and select Bucket from the dropdown.

Note: Linode Object Storage is a globally-available, S3 Compatible storage solution, maintaining the same performance as your data grows.

Enter a unique label. A good naming scheme is “domain-backups” Eg. “turnipjuice-media-backups”.

Choose a datacenter region that’s geographically close to your server location. This will improve the time it takes to copy backup files from your server to Akamai/Linode bucket.

Click Create Bucket.

Create Access Keys

For SpinupWP to authenticate an Akamai/Linode bucket, you must create an Access Key. Head over to Bucket/Object Storage and click Access Keys.

In the top right, click Create Access Key.

  • Enter a label for the key
  • Enable Limited Access
  • Choose the Read/Write option for your new bucket
  • Click Create Access Key

You will be presented with your access key credentials. Copy the Access Key and Secret Key. These should be added to SpinupWP when asked for the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key under Account Settings > Storage Providers > Add Storage Provider.