Getting Started

Once you’ve signed up for SpinupWP and you’re ready to get started spinning up WordPress sites, the first thing to do is to click ‘Spin Up a New Server’ from the dashboard. Provisioning Your First Server Adding a Provider Configuring Your Server The Server Sites Adding a Site Editing a Site Site Backups Email Provisioning…

Server Size

Our Recommendations For small brochure style sites, we recommend no more than 10-20 sites on a 1 CPU / 2 GB server For sites that require more resources like WooCommerce installs, we recommend 1 site on 2 CPU / 4 GB server Server Size One of the first things you are asked when spinning up a new…

How Many Sites Should I Have on a Server?

Summary For small brochure style sites, we recommend no more than 10-20 sites on a 1 CPU / 2 GB server For sites that require more resources like WooCommerce installs, we recommend 1 site on a 2 CPU / 4 GB server Sites Per Server Deciding how many sites you should put on a server can…

Migrating a Site to a SpinupWP Server

Whether you’re moving a site from a managed WordPress host or a server you’ve set up yourself, this doc will guide you through the process of moving a site to your SpinupWP server with as little downtime as possible. Overview Moving a site to a SpinupWP server involves copying the site from the old server…

Monitoring Servers and Sites

Although we’re definitely going to build monitoring and alerting into SpinupWP in the future, it’s a huge project and we’re just not there yet. The good news is that there are some excellent monitoring and alerting options you can use with your SpinupWP servers and sites. In fact, most cloud server providers include server-level monitoring…

Keeping Servers and Sites Secure

You probably know that WordPress has a bad reputation for being insecure. But what you might not know is that often WordPress itself isn’t the issue. WordPress updates itself when a security update is released nowadays. It’s almost always an outdated plugin or theme that allows an attacker to exploit a WordPress site and give…

Why is my site so much faster on SpinupWP?

Caching, caching, caching! No plugins needed. People are often surprised that their site is a lot faster after moving it onto a server set up by SpinupWP. Although there can be lots of reasons why it’s faster, the most likely reason is caching. With page caching enabled, you essentially turn your WordPress site into a…

Will SpinupWP make changes to my server without my direction?

SpinupWP will almost never make changes to the config files on your server on its own without you explicitly telling it to. Only when you take action in the dashboard (e.g. hit an Upgrade button) will it make changes to your config files. This is by design, so that you can schedule a time that’s…

Referral Program

Want to give your friends $50 in SpinupWP credits? Say hello to the SpinupWP Referral Program 🎉 Here’s how it works: No need to sign up, your unique referral link and dashboard can be found right inside your SpinupWP account. (Look for “Give a Friend $50” under your account drop-down in the upper right.) When…

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