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Why choose SpinupWP as a ServerPilot alternative?

1Your WordPress-focused cloud hosting dashboard.

SpinupWP was built by WordPress developers for WordPress developers. Spin up a WordPress site and get WordPress-specific optimizations right from the start. Reduce database requests and speed up your site with WordPress-centric full-page caching and Redis object caching. Pick either subdirectory or subdomain configurations for your multisite installs with a click of a button. Control your scheduled posts with a site-specific server cron. Keep your debug.log safe in a custom WordPress log location. And as a bonus, WP CLI is automatically installed!

2Optimized for security and stability.

SpinupWP enables Let’s Encrypt SSL as default on all new sites. Your WordPress debug logs are stored in a separate location that is not publicly accessible. Every site on your server is protected by custom firewall rules and isolated from other sites. SpinupWP keeps your server software up to date with the latest and greatest versions of PHP, MySQL, and Nginx.

3Get help along the way

You don't have to be an experienced sysadmin to use SpinupWP. Every page in the dashboard has step-by-step guidance with hints and links to our documentation. SpinupWP actively helps you make configuration decisions with best practices in mind.

4No black boxes here!

Detailed feedback provides you thorough updates of activities on your server. The event log provides you real-time updates of changes you make to your server. You can also configure both email and in-app notifications, giving you control over how you receive updates about changes to your servers.

5Simplicity and ease-of-use.

SpinupWP’s beautifully clean user interface makes managing your sites and servers a joy!

James Barratt Founder - Implexa Solutions

I have been with Server Pilot for the last 3 years and I was looking for a few more features with the same simplicity. After hearing the interview on the WP Builds podcast SpinupWP seems like a perfect fit for my business. So far I am really enjoying it! Your onboarding process is 10/10

SpinupWP is a Modern Cloud-Based Server Control Panel

Just give SpinupWP access to your cloud provider and you’ll be organizing your servers remotely in seconds. It’s your complete remote control server management dashboard specifically designed for WordPress.

SpinupWP header image

Morgan Estes Lead Developer at BigWing Agency

Did my first server maintenance with SpinupWP and I'm floored. Such a great experience all around: email notification, dashboard UX, and update speed.

ServerPilot SpinupWP
WordPress plugin developers on staff and handling support
Full-page caching configured for WordPress
Redis object caching configured for WordPress
Security measures configured for WordPress
Cron job installed and configured for each site added
wp-debug.log turned on and relocated to a folder not publicly accessible
Install WordPress multisite
In-app WordPress best practice guidance
Git push-to-deploy
Standard Linux packages installed
Root access permissions to the server
Connect your own cloud server (DigitalOcean, Linode, etc.) account
Scheduled backups of site files & database
Connect your own cloud storage (Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, etc) account for backups
Team accounts and roles
Clone site to the same server
Clone site to another server
Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates with automatic renewals
Custom SSL/TLS certificates
Interface for customizing configuration files
Server log viewer
REST API to control servers and sites

I’m ready to make the switch!

Bill Erickson WordPress Developer

I finally had the chance to use @SpinupWP and I'm loving it! A breeze to setup, the servers are blazing fast, and the user interface is a delight to work with.

How it Works

1Spin up a Server

Connect your DigitalOcean account (or any other provider, like AWS or Vultr) and spin up a server. Then, sit back while SpinupWP installs all the software and tunes it to run your WordPress site. Of course, speed and reliability are baked in.

2Your Server is Ready!

Ten minutes later, your fresh new server will be ready for you.

3SpinupWP Configures Everything for You

During the step-by-step site setup process, you simply check boxes to verify your DNS, enable a free SSL certificate, set up cron jobs and caching rules, along with anything else that a high-performing WordPress site requires.

4Add SSH Users

Need root access? No problem, you control the keys to your castle. Add as many SSH users as you like with full root access via sudo.

Need to give a client SSH or SFTP access to their site? Each site is configured with an SSH user that only has access to that one site.

5Configured for Speed, with WordPress in Mind

Your new server is loaded with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and the latest standard installs of Nginx, PHP, MySQL and Redis.

6Disconnect Your Server at Any Time

You maintain full control over your server and can walk away anytime. Though sticking around means not having to keep up with security updates or worry about changes in best practices, you can disconnect your server from SpinupWP any time and have a go at managing it yourself. We don’t lock you in.

7Tweak Configuration Files Using SSH

Want to tweak some configuration files on the server via SSH manually? Go ahead. Even if it’s a configuration file that SpinupWP edits, it can handle it.

8Your Server is Safe and Secure

Stop worrying about keeping your server secure. Your SpinupWP managed server is configured with firewall functionality, and security updates automatically installed as they are released.

We also notify you when there’s a major update available for a software package you have installed (e.g., Nginx) and provide you instructions on how to upgrade.

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Is there another feature you'd like to see here?

Contact us and let us know - our team is always working to add new features.

Josey Howarth Director of Love Sudo

I've managed my own servers and setups and also worked with hosting companies. SpinupWP is literally the perfect solution that allows me the control I want, without the extra overhead. My sites are fast, the support is second to none, and their response to security notices helps me sleep well at night.

The monthly cost of SpinupWP is comparable to ServerPilot, so don’t let that hold you back!

Plus, get $100 in DigitalOcean, Linode or Vultr credits (first-time users).
See our Pricing page for available plans.

Corey Maass Web Developer

Unsolicited 5-star review: I've moved all of my WordPress sites to @digitalocean / @spinupwp and I couldn't be more impressed. A small learning curve to think differently after 20 years of managed hosting, but the experience and guidance has been great. #WordPress #webhosting

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