WordPress Magic Login

The WordPress Magic Login feature allows you to login to the WordPress Admin with one click in your site dashboard in SpinupWP, effectively eliminating the need to save usernames and passwords for all of the WordPress sites you manage.

On your site’s dashboard, you may notice a little arrow next to the WP Admin link.

Clicking on this arrow launches a popup divided into two sections: Quick Login and WP Admin Link Settings.

WP Admin Link Settings allows you to manage the behavior of the WP Admin link. By default, clicking the WP Admin link brings you to the WordPress Admin but will redirect you to the login page if you’re not already logged in. Toggling on the Automatically log in when clicking the WP Admin link setting reveals a textbox where you can enter the email address or username of the WordPress user you would like to login as when clicking the WP Admin link.

If you saved an email address or username previously, the textbox will contain with your previous setting, otherwise it will contain the email address of your SpinupWP user. Once you save these settings, the WP Admin link will now automatically log you in as this user.

The Quick Login section of the popup allows you to login with the email address or username of a WordPress user as a one-off, without changing your WP Admin Link Settings.