The SpinupWP REST API is now available! Using the API, you now have the ability to programmatically control your SpinupWP servers and sites.

This API is currently in BETA, which means it can change at any time. We highly recommend subscribing to the REST API Beta email list to be notified at least a day in advance of any updates.

We’ve released a very limited set of endpoints to start so we can gather input from REST API users. We’re also working on a PHP SDK, which uses the REST API and makes it easier to build PHP apps to manage SpinupWP resources.

You can get started with the REST API by reading the SpinupWP REST API documentation and creating your first API token. You can create API tokens for personal use, or for your team.

SpinupWP's REST API documentation screen

To generate a personal API token, navigate to the API Tokens tab in your “My Account” settings page in SpinupWP. API tokens you create via the “My Account” page are only relevant to resources created under your personal account.

If you are a team admin or a team owner, you can also generate access tokens from the API Tokens tab on the “Team Settings” page for any of your teams. API tokens you create via the “Team Settings” page are only relevant for resources associated with that team.