Todos is a list of maintenance tasks that you ought to perform on your server. SpinupWP identifies these tasks and presents them to you prioritized by how urgent they are. For example, if your server needs a reboot, that todo will start low on your list. However, over time, it will become more important that the server is rebooted and the todo will increase in priority, moving up the list.

Whether you’ve been managing your own servers for years or are just beginning, Todos will give you peace of mind that you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing to keep your servers healthy and secure.

See our Todos doc to learn more about how Todos work and each Todo you can expect to see.

Notifications have not been updated in this first version of Todos. You’ll still get the same notification to reboot your server as soon as it is available for example. In the future we plan to refactor notifications and only notify you when a todo escalates to critical. For example, if a server reboot todo has been sitting for more than 60 days it will go critical and you’ll get a notification.

We also plan to offer a weekly email that you can toggle on/off that summarizes your Todos and help you stay on top of them without having to remember to check the app every week.

Also, we realize that to resolve many of the todos, you’re required to SSH into the server, which is not very convenient. In the future, we plan to offer one-click resolution of all todos from your SpinupWP dashboard.