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What’s in It for You?

Share Your Knowledge

Get paid to share your knowledge on systems administration, caching, WordPress hosting, DevOps, site deployment or other server-related topics you enjoy.

Excellent Pay

We pay well above industry average: $500-$1,000 per new article depending on the topic and length.


No ghostwriting here. You wrote it, you get the byline. We want to show off YOUR expertise. In our bylines we give you the option to link to your blog/website, social media profiles and GitHub profile.

Free SpinupWP Account

Receive a complimentary SpinupWP Personal account so long as you write one article per quarter.

Are You the Write Fit?

We’re looking for...

Sysadmin Experience

You’re comfortable keeping an Ubuntu server patched and optimized and that knowledge translates in your writing for intermediate and senior level developers.

WordPress Experts

You know the ins and outs of WordPress (both front end and back end) like a backup of your hand.

In It for the Long-haul

You’re excited about the prospect of working with us long-term. You want our readers to eagerly await your next piece.

The Opportunities

New Articles

Start from scratch and make it your masterpiece.

Article Updates

Prefer to have a base to work from? Help keep our existing articles fresh.


Are you a visual teacher? Bring our articles to the next level with a video tutorial or walkthrough.

💰The Money💰

Most writers programs out there expect top notch articles for pennies. We understand how much time and effort goes into just one article (we’ve been doing it in-house for years).

You’re an expert in your field and you should be treated as such. That’s why we pay at least $500 per new article.

Writing a technically in-depth piece similar to our Turn Your WordPress Site Into a Static Site With Aggressive Nginx Page Caching article? We pay up to $1,000.

An article similar to Varnish vs Nginx FastCGI Cache: Which is Best for WordPress? would land you closer to the $500 mark. We agree upon a price after we’ve landed on a topic and discussed the approach. 

You’ll also have the option to opt-in to other parts of the process. Interested in reviewing and editing? We pay $100-$150 for a thorough review. We’re looking for video tutorials and walkthroughs too. So if you have the skills, we’ll pay the bills. We handle video pricing on a case-by-case basis.

The Process

  1. 1

    Fill out our application form

    You’ll answer some basic questions and share your subject matter interest and expertise. After our team reviews, we’ll get back to you if it’s a good fit.

  2. 2

    Decide on a topic

    You’ll work with our team to settle on a topic. We write about systems administration, caching, WordPress hosting, DevOps, site deployment and other server & WordPress-related topics. You’re welcome to suggest topic ideas or choose from our list of ideas.

  3. 3


    You’ll draft an outline and our team will review so we can make sure we’re on the same page before we get into the weeds.

  4. 4

    Write the article

    Once the outline is approved, it’s time to hone your inner Hemingway and get writing. You’ll work based on an agreed upon due date. We don’t give expected word counts. We strive to make our articles as long as they need to be without adding unnecessary detail. We’re paying you for the whole process, research, etc. not just the writing. We want you to focus on a complete article rather than a target word count.

  5. 5

    Review and edit

    Our team will review your piece and make suggestions. We’ll aim to keep it to two rounds of edits tops.

  6. 6

    Publish and get paid🎉

    After the edits are all settled, we’ll publish the piece under your name and send it to our 9k+ subscribers. We’ll also promote it on social media. You’ll get paid for that piece and any others you did at the end of that calendar month.

The Rules

Rules? You rule! But seriously:

  • We don’t accept AI-generated content.

  • We can’t accept content that’s been published elsewhere.

  • Cross-posting is only allowed with a canonical.

  • We don’t accept promotional content.

  • We only accept content written in English.


Fill out this 5 minute application that asks for your basic information, experience and interest. We’ll review your application and get back to you if it’s a good fit.

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