Customizing Page Cache Exclusions

By default, any POST request or URLs containing query string parameters bypass the page cache. Users who are logged into WordPress, or have items in their WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads carts will also bypass the page cache. In addition, SpinupWP excludes the following paths from being cached:


Be aware that these default paths will exclude nested paths. For example, /my-account/settings/ and /my-account/orders/ will be excluded from the page cache. While these default exclusions serve as a good starting point for most sites, you’re free to completely customize the cache exclusions.

Modifying Cache Exclusions

To customize the page cache exclusions, navigate to the Page Cache tab under a site and add the path you want to exclude from the page cache to a new line in the Path Exclusions text area.

Modify page cache exclusions

Page Cache Headers

When the page cache is enabled in SpinupWP all responses will have the Fastcgi-Cache header present. This header can have 1 of 3 values:

MISS – The page is not cached but will be on subsequent requests
HIT – The page is cached
BYPASS – The page is excluded from the page cache

You can use these values to help debug page caching issues.