Enable Passwordless Sudo

If you’ve provisioned a server at your provider and are connecting it to SpinupWP, you will be asked to specify an SSH user. This is a Linux user that will be used by SpinupWP to connect to the server and set it up. The SSH user requires root privileges and must be able to run sudo commands non-interactively. If you see the following error, you need to enable passwordless sudo for the specified Linux user.

Passwordless sudo error

Using a sudo user, connect to the server via SSH. You could run visudo and modify the core sudoers file, but a better option on Ubuntu 22.04 is to add a new configuration file to the /etc/sudoers.d/ folder. Create a new file located here:


Add the following content:


To test that the settings have been applied, connect to your server via SSH using the passwordless sudo user and run the following command:

sudo -i

If the settings are correct, you should be switched to the root user without having to provide a password.

Although it’s possible to enable passwordless sudo for all Linux users, we do not recommend it for security reasons.