SpinupWP currently supports two different types of redirect:

  1. Domain redirects (e.g. redirecting to
  2. Path redirects (e.g. redirecting to

Domain redirects are handled automatically by SpinupWP. Path redirects need to be added manually to a Nginx config file.

Domain Redirects

Redirecting additional domains to the primary domain can be done by enabling the “Redirect to Primary Domain” toggle when creating or updating a site in SpinupWP.

This will ensure each additional domain will 301 (permanent) redirect to the primary domain. Note that SpinupWP will automatically handle redirecting these additional domains to HTTPS if HTTPS is enabled for the site.

Path Redirects

If you want to set up a redirect in Nginx to redirect one path on your site to another path on the same site you can do so by following these steps:

  1. SSH to your server using a sudo user.
  2. Create a new file within /etc/nginx/sites-available/{DOMAIN}/server (the file name is up to you but we recommend something like custom-redirects.conf) with the following contents:
    location /old-slug {
        return 301 /new-slug;
  3. Test that the configuration is correct using sudo nginx -t

  4. If everything looks good, reload Nginx sudo service nginx reload

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