Server Paths and Locations

Package Config Locations

When you provision a server using SpinupWP we use best practices to set up and install all of the required software packages your server will need to run WordPress properly. This includes installing packages (such as PHP, Nginx, MySQL, etc.) in default locations and not using customized packages as some other hosts might do. This means that package configs should always be in their default locations.


{php_version} will be the PHP version number you chose to install when you provisioned your server (e.g. “7.2”).


Each site will have it’s own PHP pool:






Site Paths

When you create a new site in SpinupWP the domain name will be used as a folder name and created in the /sites directory. For example, if you created a site with the domain name the site path would be:


Inside the site directory, SpinupWP creates two directories that serve different purposes:


The logs directory is where PHP and Nginx will store any log files for this site. We also move the WordPress debug.log file to this directory and enable log rotation on all log files.


The files directory is where we store your WordPress site files. If your public folder is set to “/” then this directory will be your web root. If you changed your public folder to “/public” the absolute path to that folder would be:


If you’ve enabled page caching, the following directory will also be created to store Nginx cache files: