Prior to today, access permissions in SpinupWP were painfully basic. Every team member would have access to all of the team’s servers and would be limited by their role: User or Admin. A team member with the User role could manage sites, databases, and their own SSH keys on all of the team’s servers while an Admin had full access to all of the team’s servers.

Today, we’ve renamed the User role to Site Admin, the Admin role to Team Admin, and we’ve introduced a new role: Server Admin. A team member with the Server Admin role is able to update servers, manage sudo users, manage server settings, and restart services like Nginx and MySQL in addition to all the things a Site Admin can do. The capabilities of the Site Admin and Team Admin roles remain the same.

You also now have the ability to limit team member access to specific servers for Site Admin and Server Admin roles.

Check out the Team Roles doc for full details including instructions on how to update your Personal account to a Team account.