Can I Resize or Upgrade My Server Myself?

SpinupWP is a cloud-based server control panel, which means that you have complete control over your virtual servers, and SpinupWP helps you manage them.

With that level of control, it’s essential to know that it doesn’t mean that you should do something just because you can do something.

You might want to resize a server hard disk because you’ve discovered it’s running out of space, and you might want to upgrade a server because the current LTS version of Ubuntu you are running is out of date. Either way, you probably shouldn’t do these things for two main reasons.


Think about the last time you updated your computer to a new major release of macOS, Windows, or Linux. It takes a long time! Also, if you upgrade your server, all your sites will be down while the upgrade is running.

But maybe it’s just a staging server, and you don’t care about downtime…

Strange Issues

Again think back to times you’ve upgraded your computer operating system. How often did you end up having strange issues, wasted a bunch of time trying to resolve them, and finally conceded by doing a fresh installation? I think we’ve all been there. Server operating systems are no different.

While we don’t recommend doing these things, we do have guides on what we do recommend to resize or upgrade your server. That way, you can keep your sites running smoothly and your visitors happy.

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