Increasing Server Timeout Limits

All SpinupWP servers are configured with a default timeout limit of 30 seconds. However, you may increase this limit if you are experiencing “504 Gateway Time-out” errors.

This setting cannot be adjusted via the SpinupWP UI, so start by connecting to your server using a sudo user, then update your PHP and Nginx configs, as follows:


Open your php.ini file and modify the following value:

max_execution_time = 30

This setting can also be changed on a per-site basis.


Open your nginx.conf file and add the following directive within the http block:

fastcgi_read_timeout 60s;

This should be greater than or equal to the value set in max_execution_time.

Reload Services

Reload both PHP and Nginx for the changes to take effect:

sudo service php{PHP_VERSION}-fpm reload
sudo service nginx reload