How to Install WordPress on Vultr

Vultr is a popular alternative to DigitalOcean, offering affordable servers located around the globe. Their High Frequency Compute instances are noticeably fast and are well suited for WordPress hosting. Vultr is fully integrated with SpinupWP, meaning you can connect SpinupWP to your Vultr account and spin up servers at Vultr directly from your SpinupWP dashboard….

How to Remove a PHP Version

Once a PHP version reaches End of Life status, any security issues which arise will go unpatched. They can quickly become a major security concern for your server and should be removed completely as soon as possible. Upgrade Sites Before removing a PHP version from the server, you should check for any sites on the server…

Increasing Server Timeout Limits

All SpinupWP servers are configured with a default timeout limit of 30 seconds. However, you may increase this limit if you are experiencing “504 Gateway Time-out” errors. This setting cannot be adjusted via the SpinupWP UI, so start by connecting to your server using a sudo user, then update your PHP and Nginx configs, as…

Increasing the Server Max Upload Size

All SpinupWP servers are configured with a default maximum upload size of 64MB. However, you may increase this limit if you need to allow larger files to be uploaded via the Media Library. This setting cannot be adjusted via the SpinupWP UI, so start by connecting to your server via SSH using a sudo user,…

PHP Disabled Functions

To help keep your WordPress sites secure, SpinupWP disables the following PHP functions by default: disk_free_space disk_total_space diskfreespace dl exec opcache_get_configuration opcache_get_status passthru pclose pcntl_alarm pcntl_exec pcntl_fork pcntl_get_last_error pcntl_getpriority pcntl_setpriority pcntl_signal pcntl_signal_dispatch pcntl_sigprocmask pcntl_sigtimedwait pcntl_sigwaitinfo pcntl_strerror pcntl_waitpid pcntl_wait pcntl_wexitstatus pcntl_wifcontinued pcntl_wifexited pcntl_wifsignaled pcntl_wifstopped pcntl_wstopsig pcntl_wtermsig popen posix_getpwuid posix_kill posix_mkfifo posix_setpgid posix_setsid posix_setuid posix_uname proc_close proc_get_status…

Required Upgrades

There are several kinds of upgrades that SpinupWP may ask you to perform. In this doc, we will discuss upgrades that SpinupWP requires for it to continue to work. We will not be discussing Upgrading to a New Ubuntu LTS Release or Server Software Upgrades. Occasionally SpinupWP needs to make changes to your server or…

Resizing Your Server When You Run out of Space

One of the regular maintenance tasks you have to carry out on a server is monitoring the disk space. Over time, this could lead to a need to consider resizing your virtual server for many reasons. The server hard disk you chose when setting up the server may not be enough anymore. Over time, the…

Restoring a Full Server Backup and Updating the SpinupWP Dashboard

In the case of catastrophic failure of your server, you may be able to recover by restoring from a full server backup from your server provider. Preparedness is key. You’ll need to have created a snapshot or backup with your server provider prior to the onset of problems. Finding the right timing for a snapshot…

Server Paths and Locations

Package Config Locations When you provision a server using SpinupWP we use best practices to set up and install all of the required software packages your server will need to run WordPress properly. This includes installing packages (such as PHP, Nginx, MySQL, etc.) in default locations and not using customized packages as some other hosts might…

Server Software Updates

When we talk about “server software” we mean the software running on your server, from the operating system kernel to the software packages like Nginx and PHP that run in the operating system. We do not consider scripts and web software like WordPress and its plugins server software. Security Updates All servers provisioned using SpinupWP are…

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