The SpinupWP Cache Daemon

The cache daemon is a little Go app we’ve written and deploy to every server to help with purging the page cache. The reason we need this daemon is an issue of file permissions. Each site runs a PHP pool as the site user but since cache files are owned by user www-data PHP cannot…

Troubleshooting Backup Failures

While it’s not a common occurrence, there may be an instance where backing up your site files and database might fail. SpinupWP will actively notify you of this, both in the app and by email, so you’re made aware of it as soon as it happens. Two of the most common reasons for failed backups…

Understanding PHP Pools

As described in Understanding System Users all sites deployed via SpinupWP are owned by a unique system user. This provides security isolation on the server because a site user cannot read or modify another site’s files. Each site is also deployed with a PHP-FPM resource pool, which is owned by the site user. This prevents…

Upgrading to a New Ubuntu LTS Release

If you SSH into an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server, you might see a message that encourages you to simply run a command to upgrade to 20.04 LTS: We strongly recommend against upgrading any server with a command like this for a few reasons. However, we can recommend the following options. Option 1: Start Fresh Instead of…

Using SFTP to Connect to Your SpinupWP Servers

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is still a popular way to connect to a web server and manage files on the server. FTP applications like Cyberduck and FileZilla allow users to connect to the server using a GUI interface similar to a computer’s file explorer application. SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol or Secure File Transfer Protocol)…

Using SSH Keys

To encourage security best practices in SpinupWP we disable SSH password authentication by default. Instead, authentication with your servers is done using SSH Keys. How Do SSH Keys Work? The Secure Shell (SSH) protocol allows you to securely connect and authenticate to remote servers over an unsecured network using end-to-end encryption. SSH keys provide a more…

What Does Ubuntu “LTS” Mean?

One of the minor inconveniences in owning and managing your own web servers is knowing which operating system to use. There are a wide variety of open-source Linux distributions (or distros) available for your web server. SpinupWP recommends using either Ubuntu 20.04 or Ubuntu 22.04, which are both LTS releases. If you do a bit…

What’s Installed on Your SpinupWP Server

SpinupWP servers are always set up with the latest stable software versions so you don’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty of keeping up with best practices. When you spin up a new server using SpinupWP the following software will be installed: Nginx (with HTTP/2 enabled) 1.22 PHP-FPM 8.0 MySQL 8.0 Redis 7.0 Git Composer…

Whitelisting IP Addresses

If you wish to restrict SSH access to your server using IP whitelisting, you will need to whitelist the following IP addresses to allow SpinupWP to connect to your server: This list will definitely be updated in the future. To get an email when it is updated subscribe…

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