Understanding WP-Cron

WP-Cron or WordPress cron is the system built into WordPress that handles the scheduling of time-based tasks. Out-of-the-box, WordPress performs a number of scheduled tasks, they include: WordPress core update checks Plugin update checks Theme update checks Publishing of scheduled posts Plugins can also utilize WP-Cron to schedule additional tasks, such as a backup plugin…

Why is my WordPress Site Not Loading?

One of the hardest parts of hosting WordPress sites yourself is trying to figure out why a site isn’t loading. There is an array of potential issues that could prevent a site from loading properly. We’re going to look at what causes some of these issues and how you might begin to investigate them. Server…

Moving Sites Between SpinupWP Servers

There may come a time where you wish to move a site to a new server. Maybe a site has outgrown its current server, shared amongst several sites, and it’s time to move it to its own server. Or, your site is running on an outdated version of Ubuntu, and you’d like to migrate it…

Debugging and Fixing the WordPress “White Screen of Death”

Sometimes your WordPress site will show a blank white screen and nothing else. In the WordPress community, this is known as the WordPress White Screen of Death (WSOD) (a nod to the Blue Screen of Death when a Windows computer has a fatal system error). The White Screen of Death occurs when a request to…

How do PHP Workers Impact WordPress Performance?

Caching is king when it comes to WordPress performance. A well-optimized page cache like that of SpinupWP can unlock blazingly fast load times and handle hundreds of concurrent requests without breaking a sweat. However, not all sites can be page cached. Highly dynamic WordPress sites, such as community forums, often have page caching disabled. Similarly,…

Updating WordPress Core, Themes, & Plugins

By default, on a new WordPress install, minor versions of WordPress core are set to automatically update for you. However, major versions of WordPress core, plugins and themes are not set to update automatically. You can read more about automatic updates built into WordPress and configuration options here. SpinupWP automatically checks for updates to WordPress…

Custom HTTPS Certificate

All SpinupWP Servers come with Certbot preinstalled so that you can use a free Let’s Encrypt certificate to secure traffic to and from your websites. While Let’s Encrypt certificates are more than suitable for most WordPress websites, you might be in a situation where you need to use a custom certificate from an external certificate…

Enable Basic Authentication for Your SpinupWP Site

SpinupWP allows you to add Nginx basic authentication to your site. This can be useful for restricting access to a site for security reasons or if you’re simply running a site that needs to restrict access before you even get to WordPress. You can enable basic authentication by clicking on Settings from a SpinupWP site…

Managing Active Cron Jobs

To ensure that your background WordPress tasks (scheduled posts, checking for plugin and theme updates, etc.) are actioned precisely when they should, SpinupWP configures a server-based scheduled task using the Linux cron service. This scheduled cron task uses WP-CLI to activate WP-Cron, which is the WordPress tool for checking for and processing scheduled tasks. Usually,…

Backblaze Storage Provider

This guide aims to help you set up Backblaze for storing site backups. Start by signing in to Backblaze. Once logged in, it will take you to your list of B2 Cloud Storage Buckets. Create Bucket Click Create a Bucket. Give the bucket a unique bucket name. A good naming scheme is “domain-name-backups”, for example, “hellfish-media-backups”….

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