How to Install WordPress on AWS EC2

This guide will walk you through connecting an AWS EC2 Instance to SpinupWP. Before you start this process, you will need to sign up for an Amazon AWS account if you don’t already have one. Once signed in, navigate to Services > EC2. If you’re presented with the EC2 dashboard, click Launch Instance about halfway…

Using SFTP to Connect to Your SpinupWP Servers

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is still a popular way to connect to a web server and manage files on the server. FTP applications like Cyberduck and FileZilla allow users to connect to the server using a GUI interface similar to a computer’s file explorer application. SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol or Secure File Transfer Protocol)…

Path Redirects

Unlike domain redirects, path redirects allow you to redirect from a specific URL path on your domain. The target is usually a different path on the same domain, although it is possible to redirect to a different URL altogether. This functionality makes use of the Nginx rewrite directive. Creating a Path Redirect To view and create…

Amazon S3 Storage Provider

This guide aims to help you set up Amazon S3 for storing site backups. Start by signing in to the AWS Management Console. Create Bucket Navigate to S3 and click Create bucket. Enter a unique bucket name. A good naming scheme is “domain-name-backups,” for example, “hellfish-media-backups”. The region should be geographically close to your server location….

Adding Smush Local WebP and Imagify WebP support

Smush and Imagify provide directives for serving WebP images in place of .png and .jpg images. In SpinupWP, caching configurations in the static-files.conf file already has a location block that matches .png and .jpg images, so the directives from Smush and Imagify are overwritten. Below we’ll cover how to add these directives so you can…

Add Rank Math Rewrite Rules to Fix Sitemap Issue

When using Rank Math for redirects, you may find that your sitemap isn’t working as intended. You may see a notification under Rank Math > Sitemaps or your /sitemap_index.xml page may be blank. This is because Rank Math creates a virtual sitemap dynamically that relies on using redirects at the server-level. To fix this, you…

Akamai (formerly Linode) Storage Provider

This guide aims to help you set up an Akamai (formerly Linode) Bucket for storing site backups. Start by signing in to Akamai (formerly Linode). Create Bucket Click Create in the header and select Bucket from the dropdown. Note: Linode Object Storage is a globally-available, S3 Compatible storage solution, maintaining the same performance as your data…

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