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We're always adding new features and improvements to SpinupWP. See below for the latest enhancements and email us if there’s a feature you'd like to see next.

Simplified git

Git sites will be upgraded to a simplified git structure on next push.

We also fixed git asking for credentials on force pushes.

Move sites to a different server

We’re very excited to have shipped the ability to easily move a site from one SpinupWP server to another. In the dashboard, you’ll notice a Move option in the actions menu…

Move site option in SpinupWP action menu

And when you visit a site’s settings, you’ll see a Move Site option in the actions menu there…

Move site option in site's settings in SpinuWP

Clicking that option will prompt you for which server you’d like to move the site to…

Destination server screen in SpinupWP

Clicking the Move Site button will then kick off a process to create an exact duplicate of the site on the destination server complete with SSL certificates, Nginx configs, git repo, sites files, database, etc. For a full list of what is copied and the operations performed, see the doc.

Cloning site process

You can then test your site on the new server and if all is well, update your DNS to point your domain(s) to the new server. Of course you should probably be a little more careful than that. The doc contains a complete process for moving a site safely using the Move Site tool.

Open quick find using / shortcut key

Press the forward slash keyboard shortcut when viewing any SpinupWP page and it will engage the search bar at the top of the screen. As you start typing, servers and sites will begin to appear. Once you see what you’re looking for, use the arrow keys to select the item, and hit return/enter to go to that page.

Added “Disallow PHP Execution in the Uploads Folder” setting and added “Disable XML-RPC” setting

This helps prevent your site from being hacked through third-party plugin vulnerabilities. Learn more in our Keeping Servers and Sites Secure doc.

It’s also possible to enable specific Nginx security features from the SpinupWP site dashboard.

  • “Disallow PHP execution in the uploads folder” – helps prevent your site from being hacked through third-party plugin vulnerabilities.
  • “Disable XML-RPC” – disables XML-RPC support, which was an interface for other platforms to communicate with WordPress, but is now replaced by the WP REST API and can be a security concern.

Nginx Security Settings

Clone sites to a different server

SpinupWP made it easy to spin up a staging/dev server, but it has still been a pain to create a copy of a production site on another server. But now with server-to-server site cloning, creating a copy of a production site on another server is exactly as easy as doing so on the same server.

Server-to-server cloning can also be used to move a site to another server. Maybe you spin up a fresh server, clone a site to it, test it, and when it’s all good, update the DNS to start serving traffic. You can do that easier than ever now with cloning, but it’s still currently a bit of a pain.

After selecting Clone Site from the site screen…

Clone site option in SpinupWP dashboard

You’ll be presented with a new option to select the destination server…

SpinupWP destination server screen

You can continue to clone on the same server or choose another server…

Clone site to another server destination screen

Next you enter domain settings, database settings, etc., as you normally would when creating a new site…

Cloning site screen in SpinupWP

As few as 2 mins later you’ll have a perfectly copied site on another server.

Restore backups launched

We’ve launched the ability to view your backups in SpinupWP, restore one of those backups to the current site, and delete a backup.

SpinupWP Restore backups

We’ve also rearranged things a bit and you can now turn scheduled backups ON/OFF independently from configuring your backups. This allows you to have scheduled backups OFF but still be able to manually run backups with the Backup Now button.

SpinupWP Backup settings

Ability to select backup time

You can now set the timezone of your server in your server settings.

SpinupWP server timezone settings

To be clear, this will set the timezone in Ubuntu on your server and is used for things like scheduling backups and date/times in logs. It’s not just a setting in SpinupWP.

You can now also set the timezone in your SpinupWP profile

SpinupWP Profile timezone settings

This will adjust dates/times reported in SpinupWP to use the timezone you set. For example, when you look at events that have occurred, they will be reported using your profile timezone

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