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We're always adding new features and improvements to SpinupWP. See below for the latest enhancements and email us if there’s a feature you'd like to see next.

Global events in the nav bar

You can see global events in the navigation bar – an awesome UI improvement.

Now no matter where you navigate in SpinupWP, you will always see events that are running and when they complete. And if you’re working in a team, you can see the events both you and your teammates are currently running and have run in the past.

Referral program launched

You can offer your friends $50 in SpinupWP credits and earn $25 in credits for yourself. No need to sign up, your unique referral link and dashboard can be found right inside your SpinupWP account. Look for “Give a Friend $50” under your account drop-down in the upper right.

"Give a Friend $50" shown as an option in the drop down in the upper right of your SpinupWP dashboard

SpinupWP Referrals dashboard

When you share the news about SpinupWP using your unique referral link and someone signs up, they’ll get a $50 credit for their new account after 30 days.

As a bonus, you’ll earn a $25 credit for your own account after 30 days and once they spend $25.

Know of someone who could be a good fit for SpinupWP? Make their day by sharing your referral link with them today to give them $50 in SpinupWP credits. Share your link on Twitter, your blog, via email, anywhere you like. The people you refer will see the credit offer at checkout.

Ability to change the primary domain of a site

Prior to today, if you wanted to change the primary domain of a site you had to create a new site in SpinupWP then manually copy files, update configurations, and run find and replace operations. It was painful and you, our customers, told us as much.

Today this pain disappears.

Changing the primary domain of a site in SpinupWP is now as easy as updating the domain in the site settings and clicking Save!

When you change the primary domain, SpinupWP will rename a bunch of files and folders on your server, run find and replace operations against files and your site’s database, and verify the configuration before flipping the switch. If verification fails, it rolls everything back so that your old domain continues to function while you figure out what went wrong. For a full list of all the operations performed when you change the primary domain of a site, see our documentation.

After changing the primary domain we recommend you test your site thoroughly and check any Nginx config files you might have added or customized. Also, please be aware that changing the primary domain can negatively impact SEO if the old domain is not redirected properly. Changing the primary domain will result in a short period (~1 min) of downtime while SpinupWP moves config files around, generates new HTTPS certificates and restarts Nginx and PHP-FPM.

Changing the primary domain of a site is actually a prerequisite of some of the other features on our roadmap, including site cloning and temporary domains.

Purge a site’s page cache from the SpinupWP app

Since day one of SpinupWP, you could always purge the page cache from inside your WordPress dashboard. But from time-to-time a problem might prevent you from accessing your WordPress dashboard and the solution might be to purge your page cache.

You can now purge the page cache when your WordPress dashboard is inaccessible using the handy Purge Page Cache button in the SpinupWP app.

Purge page cache in SpinupWP screenshot

SpinupWP plugin

The SpinupWP plugin adds page cache purging functionality to your WordPress site. In addition to automatically clearing the page cache for individual posts, pages, and other content when it is updated, this plugin allows you to purge the cache for the whole site as well. It also enables a persistent object cache within WordPress, which will greatly reduce the number of database calls for each page request. This plugin can be easily installed by searching “SpinupWP” inside the WordPress dashboard or, if you’re using Composer, by running:

composer require wpackagist-plugin/spinupwp


We’ve officially launched our latest product, SpinupWP! If you’re new to the SpinupWP party, then welcome. Let’s take a look at what we’ve got in store for you.

What is SpinupWP?

SpinupWP is an app that makes it easier to host WordPress sites yourself. Technically, you can use it to host any PHP site but we’re focused on making the WordPress experience the best.

Think of it like a modern control panel for your servers, with a ton of helpful guidance along the way, much of it specific to hosting WordPress sites.

Page caching in SpinupWP showing Helpful Hints.

Why SpinupWP?

Developers turn to SpinupWP for all sorts of reasons.

Maybe you’ve tried hosting WordPress sites on your own, maybe you’ve tried with another service like ServerPilot or Laravel Forge. But trying to keep up with hosting WordPress best practices can seem daunting and what do these services know about hosting WordPress?

Chart comparing features of SpinupWP with ServerPilot, Laravel Forge, Cloudways, RunCloud, and EasyEngine.

With SpinupWP, you take back control and get the added bonus of knowing WordPress performance is optimized.

See how it works

You can spin up your own WordPress-optimized server with SpinupWP in 10 minutes. See SpinupWP in action:

YouTube cover image

Have an existing site you want to move to SpinupWP? Our site creation wizard will guide you through setting up HTTPS before pointing your domain at the server so you can test your site before flipping the switch and making it live.

Top features

SpinupWP is packed full of useful features like:

  • Individual site SFTP access you can share with your clients
  • Scheduled backups of site files and databases
  • Pre-loaded WP-CLI ready to go on your server
  • Enabled-by-default error logs stored in a secure place and rotated regularly
  • 1-click full-page caching for your sites
  • Free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt installed, configured, and renewed for you
  • Servers configured for automatic security updates
  • Git push-to-deploy for your WordPress sites

and more.

The biggest benefit may be how much time it saves you. Without SpinupWP, you have to type SSH command after SSH command to configure things properly for your WordPress servers. With SpinupWP, we do a lot of that for you.

What goes on my server?

SpinupWP servers are always set up with the latest stable software versions so you don’t have to worry about the nitty gritty of keeping up with best practices. Spinning up a new server automatically installs the latest software.

SpinupWP will configure your server to install security updates as soon as they are available to reduce the likelihood of a software vulnerability putting your server at risk. Disconnect from SpinupWP in the future and you can still keep your packages up-to-date with apt-get upgrade.

SpinupWP strikes the perfect balance between managed and self-hosting, giving you the advantages of both without any of the downsides. Try it out now, risk free, with our 7-day free trial.

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