New in SpinupWP: Changing the Primary Domain of a Site and More

Over the past few weeks, we’ve pushed out some often requested features to SpinupWP. Time for a little roundup of those features…

Change Primary Domain

Prior to today, when you went to your site settings in SpinupWP the Domain field was disabled. You simply couldn’t change it. If you wanted to change the primary domain of a site you had to create a new site in SpinupWP then manually copy files, update configurations, and run find & replace operations. It was painful and you, our customers, told us as much.

Today this pain disappears.

Changing the primary domain of a site in SpinupWP is now as easy as updating the domain in the site settings and clicking Save!

SpinupWP Change primary domain gif

When you change the primary domain, SpinupWP will rename a bunch of files and folders on your server, run find & replace operations against files and your site’s database, and verify the configuration before flipping the switch. If verification fails, it rolls everything back so that your old domain continues to function while you figure out what went wrong. For a full list of all the operations performed when you change the primary domain of a site, see our documentation.

After changing the primary domain we recommend you test your site thoroughly and check any Nginx config files you might have added or customized. Also, please be aware that changing the primary domain can negatively impact SEO if the old domain is not redirected properly. Changing the primary domain will result in a short period (~1 min) of downtime while SpinupWP moves config files around, generates new HTTPS certificates and restarts Nginx and PHP-FPM.

Changing the primary domain of a site is actually a prerequisite of some of the other features on our roadmap, including site cloning and temporary domains.

Customize the Database Table Prefix

If you’ve cringed every time you created a site because couldn’t define the database table prefix, you’ll be pleased to know that you now can!

Change database table prefix screenshot

A New Way to Purge the Page Cache

Since day one of SpinupWP, you could always purge the page cache from inside your WordPress dashboard. But from time-to-time a problem might prevent you from accessing your WordPress dashboard and the solution might be the purge your page cache. 😕

You can now purge the page cache when your WordPress dashboard is inaccessible using the handy Purge Page Cache button in the SpinupWP app.

Purge page cache in SpinupWP screenshot

What do you think of these updates? Which features are you hoping to see next? Let us know in the comments!


Brad Touesnard

As founder of Delicious Brains Inc, Brad has worn many hats. He now spends most of his time managing the product teams and growing the business. Before starting this company, Brad was a freelance web developer, specializing in front-end development.

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